Mckenzie A. Dow

U.S.A born

art enthusiast

dog person

lover of the rain

I have a major crush on Pete Davidson from SNL


afraid of make-up (except red lipstick)

met Flava-Flav one time


University of New Hampshire alum

not as mysterious as mona lisa

Larry David is my spirit animal

thrift shopper

IBS sufferer

passionate about psychology and mental health

fitness failure

bean boot wearer

I have a bear named Fergus


loves baking 


Sometimes we find ourselves in a place that just seems to fit. Right now I'm located in Dublin, Ireland. This is where my mind is calmest, and my soul is happiest. I re-fall in love with this city each day. I do not understand why this is, but I have chosen to follow this phenomena.

Through travel we gain a new perspective. Through risk we learn more about ourselves. Each journey we embark on helps us define who we are and write our own story. 

So this is my story.

 Lady Mac Lifestyle 
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