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I mentioned in a previous post how challenging it is to find housing in Dublin as a student, so I'm happy to reveal that I've finally found a place! I made a quick two day trip over to Dublin to go to a handful of viewings, and I absolutely fell in love with a little hideaway in Killiney that was well within my budget. It's a charming little studio/guest house and I am delighted. I'm looking forward to having a space all my own that I can study in and come back to after a long day. Though I am a very sociable individual, I also find that a bit of solitude is necessary for my well-being.

This little apartment searching adventure has taught me a few things: First off, I definitely think it's important to do viewings in person, because as I learned this week, you never really know what a landlord is like until you talk to them in person. I had viewed this lovely and very well-decorated place in Blackrock, but the landlord was something else! If I had never met the man in person, I likely would not have known how curious he was. If you're not lucky enough to fly for free like I am, I might consider the idea of staying in a hostel or something upon arrival, and waiting to look for places when you can meet your potential landlords and see the places in person. Or, if you simply can't wait to start searching, at least try to skype with a potential landlord rather than just communicate through emails.

This housing search has been an an interesting experience, but it will be completely worth it once I arrive in Dublin for good. To those of you looking, don't be discouraged, and stay positive!

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