• Mckenzie Dow

A bus, questions, and lisa simpson dancing

Who knew Lisa Simpson could dance so well? I certainly didn't until I walked into The Bernard Shaw on Thursday evening.

Located on Wexford Street right in town, the Bernard Shaw is an interesting place that really fits in with the current increase in hip, youthful themes in local pubs, clubs, and bars throughout Dublin. As I walked in, I first wondered why my classmates suggested the location because it seemed so small, but then I was led around one corner after another and found myself in a courtyard, staring at a big blue bus.

There is probably a good amount of Dubliners (my boyfriend for one) who may roll their eyes at me for having praise for this place, but I can't help it! Not many places could play a youtube video of Lisa Simpson dancing for five hours straight on more than one flat screen and get away with it. The selection of beer was different from the standard. It was so obvious who the targeted audience was (young, progressive, and probably trying too hard), but it actually worked. The bus in the beer garden had two levels and served delicious pizza, and was plenty cozy. The courtyard had christmas lights and good music. Inside, the walls were decorated with photographs of hip-hop greats. I really enjoyed the special exhibition inside of photographs with game-changers of the hip-hop world as the subject.

The vibes were laid back, and perfect for stimulating conversation and many laughs. I really got to know the people I went out with, and I can absolutely say that each one of them has something amazing to offer the world, and it became obvious very quickly how nerdy we all are for psychology. The five of us talked a lot about how happy we were with our Masters class so far, along with sharing stories from our undergrad experiences and our personal lives. As the night came to a close, we even did this questions activity that sparked some hilarious and very touching stories from everyone. Overall, I had a great night, and I'm glad I took the risk and ended up in this bizarre pub with new people.

The Big Blue Bus before it became crowded

For any young person visiting Dublin, I would recommend stopping by The Bernard Shaw. The pizza was good, drinks refreshing, music good, and it wasn't too expensive. It seemed to me like they often had different drink deals, and the location isn't too bad for going off to clubs later in the night. I did a pizza and pint deal, and the pizza was actually a decent size! So take a chance and stop on by, because it seems like the kind of place where you never know who you might meet.

Five hours later, after engorging on pear pizza, Belgian lagers, and excellent conversation among the bright and engaging students I'm in this masters program with, I happily strolled out of what is likely the most 'hipster' pub in Dublin.

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