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Why I'm deleting Snapchat

If you Google 'why I deleted my snapchat', you get quite a few results, most talking about the benefits deleting the app. While many of those reasons align with my own, I've got a few of my own to thrown into the mix.

1. To Get Over a Grudge

Snapchat is full of life with photos and videos from all my friends back home, which is great. I love seeing what they are up to and how happy they are at home! It makes me feel at ease about leaving them in a way, BUT a lot of those photos and captioned vids are bringing up some old feelings of resentment from a previous conflict with a friend. Deleting Snapchat won't get rid of my grudge in the time it takes to remove the app, but it I think it might help me move on because I won't constantly be reminded of why I'm holding that grudge to begin with.


I'm in Dublin! I shouldn't be having any fears of missing out! But here I am, a month into my Masters and still feeling a little sad from missing out on all the fun going on back home. I'm still getting the hang of things here, and I'm still on shaky ground. Last week was Homecoming at UNH and all the snaps made me have some serious FOMO, and it sucked. It reminded me of how solid I was back home and it definitely brought down my mood. I think deleting Snapchat is going to make me more present in my life here, instead of focusing so much on how much I'm missing out on back home.

3. To Stop Checking My Phone So Often

I've been reading this book called The Cyber Effect by Mary Aiken. The book is all about how human behaviour changes online, and it has been eye opening. I'm nearly through the book and since I've started reading it, I have definitely been thinking more about how social media influences my own life in a negative way. Instead being present in this amazing city and seaside all around, I'm constantly checking other people's snap stories. I don't even know why! Let's be real, there's only a small amount of my Snapchat contacts whose stories I seriously enjoy watching. It's just become this compulsive habit to check snap chat constantly, and I think it's about time I let it go for at least a little while. I want less screen time and more me time. I want to be staring at the city more often, and at snap stories from the states a little bit less.

4. I Want To Read for Fun More Often

Instead of checking snapchat in my spare time at the DART station, or while waiting for the bus, I would rather pull out a book. If deleting Snapchat means I'll have one less thing on my phone to be tempted by when instead I could be treating my brain to a book, then I'll happily follow through.

5. To Conserve Data

Even though I have a really awesome phone plan with plenty of data (I find that phone plans are significantly cheaper here in Ireland), I still get paranoid about using too much mobile data. Snapchat is the app that actually uses the most data on my phone, so deleting it means I will be saving some serious megabytes!

6. The Return to Being Humble

I've been thinking a lot about how social media can negatively influence our behaviour. One way in particular is that Snapchat, along with other forms of social media increases narcissistic tendencies, at least in myself. If you think about it, Snapchat is all about the user posting things about their own lives. At first this is great because you can share your awesome experiences with the people in your life. But I also think it begins to shift the mentality of how we use the app. Instead of posting awesome Snap stories to share because we think it's awesome, instead we are posting things so people will see how awesome we are as a whole. I'm starting to think that I don't like that mentality, especially since I can see the ways I've been slipping into it, and I'm ready to return to the days of posting things because I'm excited about the subject! Not because I want likes/everyone to see what's going on! I want to post things for myself and not for others.

Overall, I think deleting Snapchat will make me more present in my surroundings, and help me move on from old hang-ups and contribute a stronger well-being in general! Perhaps in three months I'll have another post about deleting the app!

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