• Mckenzie Dow

An Update

I've been in Dublin for about a month now, and I really needed a moment to pause, sit down for a few, and reflect on things that are going well for me here.

Things That Are Going Well

1. Being Patient With Myself

When I first arrived here, I was putting pressure on myself for every element of this move to go perfectly. I told myself I needed to have a new friend here by the end of the first week. That I needed to master all the cooking skills after my first week at my new babysitting job. That I would only get lost once in Killiney. Well, within a few weeks, it became clear that nothing about this move would go as smoothly as I expected. All those pressures I was putting on myself to have everything go perfectly to plan was really causing me more stress than doing any good. Once I started to change my thinking and realise that moving to a new country is HARD because it's a big change, and that nothing will likely go perfectly as planned, I suddenly felt less stressed out. I'm now being patient with myself, as well as the pace of settling in here, and I'm doing a good job at being that patient.

2. Staying On Pace With My Masters Research

Despite how much I love psychological research, the research component of this degree was the part I was most nervous about. I'm working with a superwoman of youth mental health research and it's intimidating. Fortunately, so far I've been able to keep up with the requests and I'm understanding the tasks being handed to me. More importantly, I'm enjoying it.

3. Becoming More Fashion Wise

The fashion of young people in Dublin is awesome. It's somehow edgy, put together but also laid back and I love it. People here wear leather jackets and thick soled shoes so freaking well. I've slowly been picking up cues from the students all around me, and my fashion game has definitely been amped up lately. It's an improvement from the fashion of somewhat rural New Hampshire. I even bought my first pair of high heeled booties! They rock!

4. Taking The Risk

Meeting new people can be scary. What if they don't like you? What if they're actually wicked annoying or weird? It's scary taking the risk and going out with people you hardly know, but that's what I've been doing! I've been taking the risk and meeting new people and making new friends.

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