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Why becoming a Vegetarian was the best decision I've made in a long time...

I became a a vegetarian this previous summer sort of on a whim. I had been reading a lot of studies about how plant based diets are more environmentally sustainable than diets with meat, and I had been asking a few of me vegetarian friends about their experiences and I got curious about what would happen to ME if I tried becoming a vegetarian. Perhaps I was just in need of conducting an experiment since I had finished my psychology honours thesis, or maybe I just wanted to try something different. Honestly who knows! All I really know is that I'm so happy I did.

I used to be a Ron, but now I'm more like Chris.

1. My Body Is Thanking Me For It

I did not expect to see any physical changes after changing to a totally vegetarian diet. Perhaps this was naive of me, or maybe I didn't expect it because that wasn't what I was seeking. BUT, I can tell you my body is thanking me for the change. I have lost weight in a healthy way, and I just feel good. I have more energy, my stomach is better behaved, and I find that I am bloated less frequently. Overall, I just feel good. It's so hard to describe what specifically has changed, but I can tell you that something has. I didn't expect to feel so differently physically, but I'm so glad I do.

2. My relationship with food changed in a healthy way

I found that I often used to be occupied with food in a negative way. I would often find myself being concerned about my portions more than I should have been, along with how often I should be eating and focusing on the things I should avoid. This has completely changed in me now. My relationship with food has been placed in the context of nutrition rather than portions, calories, or what to avoid. Instead of basing my meals off of how much I should be eating, I cook things that my body needs. I no longer worry about eating too much, and it is a relief that I never realised I needed. I don't fear eating too much and I certainly don't fret about having a treat every once in a while, because it's all about BALANCE.

3. It encourages me to try new things

I have tried more new foods in the last three months than I have in my whole life. New types of veggies, no recipes to cook and so on. Being a vegetarian means that you have to be creative sometimes in the way that you nurture your body through food when the traditional ways are no longer available to you.

4. It has made me embrace a healthier lifestyle as a whole

Becoming a vegetarian has made me more aware of how I take care of my body. It makes me more conscious of what healthy decisions I can make to live the happiest life possible. Not only has it made me embrace nutrition, I also started to consider what other ways I can make my body and my mind healthier. This is includes more exercise, trying new things, taking time to be grateful for my experiences each day, sleeping more, and avoiding things that frequently stress me out. Overall, it has made me embrace the idea that my body is my vehicle for experiencing the rest of my life, so I should really take care of it.

5. I am more sustainable because of it

Considering what food I put in my body has also made me more aware of being sustainable in other ways. I definitely am more aware of what I am recycling, how much water I am using, how long my heater is on, as well as making sure I turn off the lights. I think deciding to eat more sustainably has made me live more sustainably as a whole, which can't be a bad thing!

Being a vegetarian is awesome and definitely something to consider as a lifestyle change if you are looking to replenish your body with love.

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