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Radio Nova for the win

One of my favourite (and totally unexpected) things about Dublin so far has been this radio station called Radio Nova that is constantly playing in Nick's car. See, back home, I absolutely DESPISE having the radio on in my car. There are so many ads, I never get more than one song in a row that I find enjoyable, and the radio DJs are also so annoying to me. Here in Dublin, I don't drive yet so I'm constantly in Nick's car as he drives us to whatever restaurant we might be trying or our to our favourite ocean views along the coast, and Radio Nova is his go-to station. It's constantly plays the BEST variety of rock music from old to new and through all the good decades.

I constantly find myself turning up the volume and shouting "My dad used to play this for us all the time!" It's honestly so great because all the different songs bring up stories and memories. I consistently have flashbacks to my brother Tyler and I jamming out with my Dad in his big Suburban with the dog rolling his eyes in the back (rip to the dog and that awesome car). Nick and I are constantly laughing on our random drives about tales from when we were kids or stories from when he was in a metal band back in the day.

Radio Nova is awesome and now it has me listening to an abnormal amount of rock tunes which is fucking fab. There's aren't too many ads, and to me they're much more amusing because of how different they are. Also, there's just more music than what goes on with radio at home. In addition, the variety is great. The song selection constantly jumps around the decades with well known artists, but also lesser known hits thrown in along the way.

With all the rock music I've been enjoying lately, I thought I would mention some of my fave tunes of the rock recently....... I typically am either pretending to be a rock singer in the shower, or banging my head along with them in Nick's car.

1. Baby I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton

It's impossible to not love this cheesy tune. According to Nick, a fun fact about his album Frampton Comes Alive! is that it's not actually a live album like they say it is. The audience sounds are fake!

2. Have You Ever Seen the Rain? by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This band is probably one of my favorite rock bands of all time, so it was hard to pick a favorite considering I've been listening to loads of their songs for weeks now. Up Around the Bend is another one I've been listening to a lot.

3. Sunshine of Your Love by Cream

Do I even have to explain this one? It's so smooth and simple. I love how the guitar and the vocals really come together so well.

4. Take It Easy by The Eagles

I love how catchy and easy to sing along to this song is! It's also just a mellow relaxed song that is perfect for cruising in Nicks 99 Ford Fiesta.

5. Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

LOVE the harmonica in this song. Also this song is classic Tom Petty and he has a way of reeling you in and making you want to hear what he's actually saying.

6. Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel

This has been one of my all-time favorite songs since I was a kid and first heard it. Lately it's made a comeback into my Spotify playlists, and I especially like singing it in the shower. I think the story behind the song (Billy Joel being Jewish, trying to convince a Catholic girl to go out with him) is hilariously great.

7. Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers Band

It's just a great tune; there's no denying it. Love the bridge and the sound of it in general. It really comes together well after the bridge.

8. Cry Baby by Janis Joplin.

Janis is my queen. I have always been madly in love with her songs and her voice in particular. There is nothing else like it in the world. This song is an excellent sample of her bluesy background and her belting vocals. Janis has a way of making every song feel so raw and it really adds to the song. I'm always listening to Janis, but lately this is the specific song that's been blaring around my apartment the most.

9. Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

I love the beginning where it's just the guitar and the vocals. It starts slowly and when the chorus kicks in, I can't help but be stoked about it. When the back-up vocals come in, it just makes you really feel the song. Then the rest of the band starts going and you suddenly realize you're banging your head on the train to the song like a total dork. Also, lyrically this song is great.

10. N.I.B. by Black Sabbath

Incredible guitar, amazing vocals, fantastic drums, brilliant bass, this song is amazing. Not only did it vastly influence rock music, it's just freaking awesome. For being so "unfriendly" of a sound, it also still managed to be catchy in a way. Though Ozzy is literally out of his mind, he still is one of the best rock singers out there.

That concludes my list for now. The songs on this list are only a few out of the loads of classic rock tunes I've been cranking lately. There is so much good rock music out there, and thanks to Radio Nova reviving my love for rock , I could probably be posting about rock music each week if I really wanted to. In addition, I have a playlist on Spotify called 'headbaning and grooving' on Spotify that includes a lot of my favorite rock songs if anyone wants to check that out. Here's the


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