• Mckenzie Dow

A Very Short Essay About Voting 'No'

Today at UCD, a campus wide poll of the student body is happening which will decide whether our Student Union (who serves as the voice of the student body) should maintain their Pro-Choice stance on all issues of abortion, or whether they should adopt a neutral stance regarding the issue. Voting 'no' means you are voting for the Student Union to maintain their pro-choice stance, while voting yes means voting for them to abandon their pro-choice stance.

Today, I will be voting No and here is why.

Voting 'no' is a vote for women in the UCD community. Many, if not most women are crying out for the change in laws regarding abortion, making abortions legal and allowing women to have a say in how their bodies are governed. Some women in our community want or may need this change in legislation, and voting 'no' is a vote that stands up for the women in our community. It's a vote that validates the experiences of women who have had to travel far and wide to get an abortion. It's a vote that empowers a group of people (women) who have long been disempowered in this country.

By voting 'no' I am supporting a population of people that have long been unsupported throughout history. It is important that our student body be united in the positive ways we treat women and stand up as a single body for what they believe in. The women of UCD should feel that when faced with a unexpected circumstances, they are a part of a community who will support them, be there for them and empower them to be strong, make their own decision, and have control over what is important in order for them to be their best selves. A vote 'no' is voting for a community that will support the choices women make during the hardest times of their lives.

A vote 'no' does not mean that those who prefer a neutral have opinions that do not matter, instead means that the options for abortion are available to those who would like to or need to utilise those services. Voting for student body support of pro choice legislation also means that people who do NOT think abortion should be legal can still think that way, express their opinions, and can obviously opt-out of using those supports if faced with the circumstance. Supporting pro-choice legislation as a student union does not mean that those who disagree are in the wrong, it simply means that choices related to abortion services are exactly that - a choice.

I think you get it by now. I voted 'no' because I believe in a community that supports and empowers its women.

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