• Mckenzie Dow

My Favourite Moments from Inauguration Week

As you all know, this week has been a tumultuous one over in the States as preparations were made for Donald Trump's takeover as the 45th President of the United States. Just yesterday he was sworn in and immediately after all the ceremonies ended he signed an executive order to being to relieve the supposed burdens of Obamacare. This is only the beginning of what will be a long four years of interesting and questionable acts made on behalf of Mr. Trump, to say the least. Despite the fact that we now have to look into the unknown with fear in our hearts and anger in our guts, I think it is so important to find the best of every situation and to stand strong for what you believe in. In light of Trump's inaugurations, here are some of my favourite moments from the week; moments where I smiled and felt hope for our future. Some even gave me a laugh!

1. When Democratic senators absolutely ROASTED Trump's pick for Secretary of Education. Not only could she hardly answer any of their questions, but her lack of experience related to the position became incredibly apparent. The bulk of the meeting can be found here, but I think that this article from Alternet covers a lot of the best roasting moments. I think I was most appalled at her inability to commit to upholding guidance that directs campus responses to sexual assault. Despite this, the meeting gave me faith in the senate's ability to monitor all of the crazy ideas and changes Mr. President will throw at them.

2. This meme made me laugh way too hard.

3. Michelle Obama's various expressions throughout the inauguration. As Obama managed to keep smile and prevent any snarky expressions, Michelle pulled off quite a few faces that made it clear how she felt about the whole situation. I think Buzzfeed covers all of her looks pretty well. I welcomed any source of laughter this week and I certainly recieved plenty on inauguration day.

Michelle pulled a "Jim from The Office" moment when she glanced at the camera.

4. George Bush struggling with his rain poncho and then SMILING about it because even he knows it was funny and that it was caught on camera.

5. Finally, and most importantly, is the Women's March on Washington. Today tens of thousands of women have gathered in D.C. following Trump's inauguration and it is beautifully amazing. In addition, sister protests are occurring across the GLOBE as I write this, standing in solidarity with the women of D.C. As I listen to the speakers and see all of the "pussyhats" among the crowd, I have never felt more honoured to be an American woman. To see the number of people standing up for what they believe in is quite a vision. Just watching this march has inspired me to never shut up about what I believe. Yes, I'm nasty woman.

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