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My Week In Summary: A Family Visit

It has been a crazy week here in Dublin! My second semester is rapidly winding down, I recently was hired for a voluntary Assistant Psychology position starting in June, and more exciting...a boatload of my family visited Ireland for a week!

My Dad arrived on Saturday, and then six more arrived on Sunday, including a StepAunt, a StepMum, a StepNan, my brother Tyler and two more StepCousins! I basically spent my mornings sleeping in, the meeting them for different activities and food in the afternoon.

On Monday, the family explored Saint Patrick's Cathedral, but I opted to meet my dad in a pub while he sat that one out. After that, Nick (boyfriend), myself and the whole family made our way to the Guinness Storehouse. Now, I've already done the "Guinness Experience" twice now (once when I was eighteen and again when my brother visited in 2015) but it's really worth going again. We explored the whole museum and managed to score seats for everyone in the very crowded Sky Bar. Following the tour, we ended up at the Stags Head Pub on Dame Lane for a local comedy show which was actually HILARIOUS. Somehow, Nick and I ended up in the FRONT row so we got picked on a lot: me for my apparent blended accent, and he for liking Brezzy (I don't even know who that is).

My brother, Tyler, and myself

Cousins Sarah and Lauren, my brother Tyler, myself and Nick

The following day, Nick and I slept in and then we took a glorious walk through Dalkey to Coliemore Harbour. Afterwards we met with both sets of our parents for dinner and drinks and had a lovely night all together. It was the first time that Nick's parents were meeting half of my parents, so I was a bit nervous. Fortunately all was well and we had fun. The weather was amazing all day too so Coliemore Harbor was extra beautiful and I could even see the seals by Dalkey Island! They were all shiny bathing in the sun.

Views of Dalkey Island through the viewfinder in the harbour

The view from the park up the road from the harbour

You can see Howth (the large land mass) across Dublin Bay

A rare sighting of Nick and myself actually looking good in a picture for once

On Wednesday, I met the family in Howth for another out. The weather was gorgeous again and we roamed the area, just taking it all in. We walked along Howth Harbour the best we could with my nana, grabbed some ice cream and enjoyed being together. The girls and I roamed around the cemetery that is on the grounds of a very old, run down church. All that is left of the church is ruins and the basic structure, but many of the graves were quite new. Later that evening we all went back into town and I eventually went to bed after finally seeing Beauty and the Beast with Nick.

Sailboats of Howth

Thursday an Friday the family went off into the west while I had class and other obligations. All in all though, I would say it was a great trip for them, and I was so delighted to have them all over to visit and explore where I live!

Stay tuned because I will continue to keep posting about the on-goings here in Dublin as my semester winds down and new adventures begin as summer approaches.

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