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Bucket List

As we walk through life new opportunities and goals always arise, often resulting in a bucket list. My own life is currently in a series of transitions, which has provided me with the opportunity to really reflect on what I would like to achieve before I 'kick the bucket'. Life is short, and I aim to fill mine with love, laughter and amazing memories along the way. So here's my up to date bucket list. Hopefully it will inspire you to think about what goals you want to achieve, new things you might want to try, and how you want to live your best life. Most of my items have to do with travel, but yours could be about anything. Even if the items are outlandish, I think it is important to put them on the list, because you never know where life will take you.

1. Live in New Orleans, Lousiana for at least one year.

Everything about New Orleans is weird until you understand it, and I LOVE that. The city is so full of life, and it has so much heart. The music, the traditions, the food, the history; it truly resembles a northern Hispanic/Caribbean city rather than a southern American city, yet it also is a blend of many histories. I would really like to work and live there for at least a year, in the mental health profession. When I volunteered in NOLA last year I learned a lot about how the people and neighbourhoods are still in recovery from Hurricane Katrina, and that recovery is something I would like to be a part of.

2. Road Trip across America

I'm from America, but I've probably seen less than 10% of the actual country. It's just too big! If I were to be accepted to a clinical doctorate programme here in Ireland, then I think when I finish that I would love to take this road trip after years of an exhausting (but awesome!!) degree. Some spots I really would want to hit would include: Burlington, NYC, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Savannah, Washington D.C., Nashville, New Orleans (of course), Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, The four corners and all those huge rugged national parks (yellowstone, grand canyon, acadia, etc.), Portland, and Seattle.

3. Explore Asia

This one is huge for me. I never used to be all that interested in exploring Asia, but lately I have found myself eager to jump into a culture very different from my own. I am also so eager to explore all of the art in these countries because I am a huge art history fangirl. Some places I want to go are Japan, China (specifically to see the TerraCotta Soldiers), South Korea, Vietnam, and India.

4. Go Horseback Riding

Horses are so majestic, yet riding one terrifies me. They're basically one step down from a unicorn and I think going horseback riding would be an incredible experience and definitely a fear to face.

I mean look at that hair swish!

5. Become the best amateur cupcake maker in town

I LOVE baking, and I really love making delicious cupcakes. I think that once I own my own home, I will slowly work my way to becoming the best amateur cupcake-maker around. Baking is actually one way that I destress and unwind, so this wouldn't be a daunting item on my list whatsoever.

6. Volunteer in Bali

I have wanted to go to Bali for some time, but I would like to do some volunteering in the mental health field. Bali looks like it's absolutely amazing and they are behind in their mental health services. I recently was looking into this program called SLV that facilitates your stay in Bali and provides the opportunity to volunteer on psychology projects, so perhaps that's something I try in 2018 after my AP position ends.

7. Publish a book

I don't have a clue as to what my book would be about. Would it be a novel? A memoir? I'm not sure but I've always wanted to publish a book. Hopefully by the time I start working on it, my writing skills will have improved.

8. Have a conversation with the president of the United States.

I would love to be important enough in my career, or just plain lucky, to be able to meet the president. It doesn't matter to me who the president is, because I know that I could still have a great conversation with him or her about the issues that are important to me. Also, the bragging rights would be insane after so there's that.

9. Learn a new language

Recently I've really wanted to learn a new language. I learned Spanish for six years and Italian for two, but I'm not fluent in either. Nick mentioned a while back that he would want to live in Germany for a bit and I think it would be so cool to take lessons in German then live there!

Overall, that's my bucket list so far. I'm sure it will grow as life goes on.

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