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Blackrock is a little village in south Dublin that I recently explored a bit. I'm often around Blackrock during the week as I catch the 17 bus to UCD there. There's a beautiful park in the center of the village by the main street. It has a little pond and a creek that's always bubbling. Blackrock is also right on the sea, which is something I adore about the place. When the tide is out you can walk along the strand for a significant distance. On a warm day there are always dogs and kids running around and it's an all-around pleasant place to be.

According to Blackrock's village website it used to be a fishing village named after a rock formation that now is beneath the park. It has been a lively area through history and used to be home to the Blackrock baths where people would go to swim dive.

More information about the history of Blackrock can be found here:

Around dusk Nick and I roamed around the park as I practiced with my new camera. To be honest the quality of my pictures are about on par of what I could do with my iPhone because I still have NO CLUE what I am doing.

A view of Dublin Bay from next to the DART station

The DART tracks and a view of Dún Laoghaire from Blackrock

The view from this area into Dublin Bay is one of my favourite views in Dublin. At different points of the day, the bay can look completely different from how it looked the hour before. I love it!

(Side note: I've just compared how my photos look on this Wix blog versus how they actually look on my mac. Perhaps I should consider a different blogging platform?)

The beach was so lovely as we walked along it. It was warm all day so there was a nice breeze.

Following the beach we made our way to Blackrock Park. I had never explored it before. I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty and serene the place was. No one was there and it was simply peaceful to follow the paths through the place.

The pond at Blackrock Park

A little bug cafe. There's one in the park, and I think I've spotted one at the train station as well

Overall it was a wonderful day getting to know Blackrock a little bit more, especially since I will be working there starting in June!

Also, I would like to give a huge shoutout to Nick because he has let me take so many pictures of him as I practice and has been a real trooper about it.

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