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Snap Shot!

I've been thinking about starting this monthly (maybe biweekly?) post where I just give a brief on the things I'm engaged in lately. This could include books, TV, what I'm working on, what I'm listening to etc. etc. you get the point. I think it's fun to share these things and to have people share them with me!

What am I reading? Rape: A History from 1860 to the Present by Joanna Bourke.

This book is NOT an easy read whatsoever. Not only is Bourke's vocabulary dense and very sophisticated, I find that the content is emotionally challenging to read. The statistics are honestly terrifying, but what keeps me going is the feeling that this is something I should absolutely be reading; as a feminist, as an educated aspiring psychologist, a future mother, and most importantly as a woman. It is important to talk about RAPE, and to learn about its history so we can practice empathy when working with survivors and to understand how we as a culture can work to prevent rape.

What am I doing? I am currently attempting to work through some statistical analyses for my body image study with great difficulty. Trying to focus on my work has been challenging these last few weeks and I look forward to completing my

What am I listening to? For the past week I have been absolutely OBSESSED with Niall Horan's new song Slow Hands. I loved One Direction during their time, would happily marry Niall tomorrow (jk...maybe), and was so happy to hear his second single. It's sexy, it's good and if it's any indication to what his first solo album will be like, I am very pleased!

What TV am I watching? I have been obsessed with the show Great British Bake Off lately! The format is how reality TV really should be - people actually being kind to one another, helping each other out, and being themselves. The show always makes my mouth water and I feel like I learn a lot just watching it. Also the hosts, Mel and Sue (well-known in the UK) keep the show rolling really well, making it an all around fun show to watch!

I also just binge-watched the second season of Master of None, available on Netflix. Like the first season, the second was amazing. I think a lot more artistic thought went into this season as well, and it really shines through.

What am I buying? As of late, I've been obsessed with buying home decor items (but not actually buying them, rather they sit on my amazon wish list) as I will be moving to a new rental in July! Most of the items revolve around baking/cooking such as tray racks, a springform pan, and a fancy wok.

Where am I going? While I'm helping out my old resident director at CIEE, I have literally been ALL OVER Dublin city the last week. Today I went to the Remembrance Gardens on Parnell for the first time. I absolutely loved the statue inspired by the Children of Lir legend! Highly worth checking out if you are ever in Dublin!

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