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Why I'm moving in with my guy

A recent development in my life is that I am moving from my granny flat in Killiney to Nick's place in Cherrywood!

Some people may think that I am approaching this big step too soon, while others may think it sounds about right! Regardless, I think it could be beneficial to to myself as well as others to explain why we have decided to move in together.

1. The obvious one: we love each other! It's almost too cringy and cheesy for me to even write out in a post, but it's how it is! Nick and I have a strong, solid relationship. We have both gone through many challenges in the last year and we have supported each other endlessly though all the struggles from work and school and family stuff. It just feels right for us, we adore each other and our relationship and it's just time.

2. I spend half my time at his place anyways, so it makes sense for me to move in with him anyways. Since I currently live in a granny flat, overnight guests aren't allowed and this means that if I want to spend an evening with Nick, I have to go to his anyways. Moving in makes sense because there will not be such a hassle about getting from his place to mine anymore (we don't have cars at the moment and my place is pretty inaccessible from his if you're relying on public transport) and it's the natural next step from the amount of time I spend there anyways.

3. I need a real kitchen. I live in a studio flat that doesn't have a real oven! This was perfectly fine when I first moved to Dublin because I wasn't into cooking much anyways and most of what I would cook could be done on my hot plate. Now that I have learned how to cook properly through my childminder job, I absolutely love it and am desperate for a real oven and a real kitchen! I also love baking and have been more into it as of late, so I really need an oven.

4. Nicks place is oddly more accessible via public transport. Despite being a bit further down from city centre than my place, it is right next to loads of bus stops and a tram stop. This means instead of having to switch from the train to the bus whenever I want to go to UCD, I save some cash from having one less switch to make. This is important because I'm currently considering applying to a PhD at UCD at the moment.

5. Nick's place is near a really nice gym and lately I have been desperate to be more physical and strengthen my body as a whole. I'm looking forward to adding 'going to the gym' to my routines.

6. We can be social! At my current place, there isn't much room to be social by having parties or even study groups. I like being social! I like baking for people! Having an actual home would allow for potlucks, thanksgiving celebrations, birthday parties and so much more.

7. Our schedules. Nick and I often end up having opposite schedules for weeks at a time. This means we may barely see each other for ages and we want more! After a really long, frustrating night at work, it would be nice for him to come home to a warm snuggly bed and we both want to be more available to each other overall.

That's 7 reasons why I feel comfortable taking this next step! For anyone contemplating moving in with their significant other; my advice to you is to listen to your gut and don't rush into anything you aren't comfortable with. Keep communication lines open and give yourself time to mull over a decision like this one.

P. S. If anyone wants to send housewarming gifts in the form of baking tools, feel free! (Just messin' here, no one actually needs to send me baking supplies!!!)

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