• Mckenzie Dow

Introducing...Broke Baking!

Hi everyone! As I recently wrote about in my last post about moving into a new place, I'm going to have a real kitchen! This means I will be able to bake for real!! I absolutely love baking, especially lately. It is just one of the ways I self-care, and make things for people I love. So, I am starting a new section of my blog called Broke Baking! The title comes from the fact that I'm a broke student who will likely never have all the tools necessary for every recipe out there. This will lead to improvisation, frustration and hopefully creative problem solving.

I'm no food scientist, so I won't be developing many recipes on my own here. I just want to have fun baking, practice my photography skills by taking pictures of my bakes, share the humour, and spread around some of my favourite recipes from bloggers everywhere. Feel free to submit recipe suggestions for me to try out if you would like. Some of my favourite flavours and materials include lemon, Oreos, and melted chocolate. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate cake, so you won't find much of that here - sorry!! I especially like to bake cupcakes!

So, stay tuned for my first post coming soon!

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