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Oreo Truffles

Greetings all! Yesterday I made some White Chocolate Oreo Truffles and they came out absolutely delicious! Nick is a huge fan of them, and so am I! Unfortunately my pictures came out terribly (I think because of bad lighting and me still being a total amateur with my DSLR), but the Oreo balls still tasted amazing! In the future I'll try to take better pictures! Also, this recipe, or similar ones are all over the internet so there isn't exactly one website or blog I can attribute this recipe to.

First, I started smashing all the Oreos together into a crumbly mess using a plastic bag, a bowl and a spoon. The kitchen was very loud with me whacking the Oreos into an oblivion. If I could afford to buy a food processor, I would have just used that, but this is broke baking afterall!

For the ingredients, I used all Tesco Brand products and doing that saved me about ten dollars if I had to guess. A lot of recipes call for around 50 Oreos and a good amount of regular cream cheese, but last time I made these they tasted great but were so HEAVY. It felt like they could cement your intestines closed. Because of this, I opted to use a light cream cheese and maybe around 35 Oreos. I can assure they still tasted delicious and didn't feel so heavy. One problem though, because I lightened up the recipe, I got way more truffles out of it and didn't buy enough white chocolate to dip them in! Next time I would buy three or four bars because not having enough white chocolate really means you end up with much uglier truffles.

After smashing up the Oreos the best I could, Nick opted to help out and start squishing the smaller pieces with the back of a metal tablespoon. He had a good technique and they got squished well enough. I then mixed in the whole tub of cream cheese and mixed mixed mixed until smooth, and a bit sticky. I then put the mix in the fridge while I ate my dinner.

After mixing and cooling the Oreo mixture, I rolled it into little balls, probably getting about 25 truffles. Afterward, I dunked the truffles into the melted white chocolate. I also separated some of the white chocolate then Nick drizzled it over the dunked truffles. His technique isn't the best, but they still looked adorable and tasted amazing!

So, if you want something sweet and easy to bake, definitely give these a try. Again, my apologies for the TERRIBLE photos! I'm still figuring that darn camera out.

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