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What am I reading? Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin

I've slowly been trudging through the Game of Thrones Series in my spare time. This is only the second book and it's just as good as the first! I find that sometimes I lose my motivation to keep on going because I know a lot of what will happen from watching the show, but I find reading the series to be worth it so far. The text is rich with details that the show simply couldn't put in the movie and there's so much reading between the lines going on. If you have a lot of spare time on your hands, give the series a start!

What am I doing? Still working on my Masters portfolio, but I also just started an Assistant Psychologist position! I've only done one day so far, but it was very enjoyable and the community mental health centre seems like a very positive and welcoming environment to work in.

What am I listening to? Red (album) by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift just put all of her music on Spotify (FINALLY) and I've found that I have been listening to Red all day! It's not her most recent album, but not one of her oldies either. Worth a listen, especially if you're in the mood for a little throwback. The album brings back a lot of memories for me from my Freshman year of college, which I don't mind one bit.

What TV am I watching? Orange is the New Black on Netflix

I just binge-watched the recent release of Season 5 while nursing a two day hang-over, and it was pretty good! I definitely wish that there was more room for character development like usual, but the 13 episodes took place over 4 days so this season was different from the previous four. There was also a bizarre ode to slasher films which seemed out of place with the events of the season. Besides that, I really like the message that came through at the end and Danielle, who plays Taystee gave an INCREDIBLE performance through the season.

What movie's have I watched recently? Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins

I just saw this in theatres with Nick and it was AMAZING. Everything that could have gone wrong with this went completely right. I left the movie read to smash the patriarchy and completely motivated to get fit. My only beef with the film was the historical ambiguity around the war going on in the film. Overall it was such a surprising delight and I felt so proud to finally have a female superhero that actually was complex and developed - and all as a the main character!

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