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I should have dressed lighter...and other thoughts from my walk around town

Dublin is HOT as HELL today. It has to be at least 80 degrees Farenheit, around 23 Celcius. It's also very sticky. Since it is the warmest day of the year so far, I thought I might go into town, doing some walking around, get some food and probably an ice cream or an iced coffee.

I took the DART in and it wasn't too crowded, but Tara Station (where I got off) was the busiest I've ever seen it!! So many people were out and about and the line just to buy tickets to get on the train was so long!

I had no itinerary set out, other than to get a burrito and practice with my camera. First I went to Tolteca on Suffolk Street. It's the most comparable to Chipotle of all the burrito places and they're fairly priced as well. I felt a bit dweeby eating a giant burrito all by myself when I was surrounded by groups of the Spanish/Italian kids that come every summer, but I tried to get over that and just enjoy my burrito! It was great tasting.

I was so stoked to see the city so colourful for Pride month! As I went to get an iced coffee to cool down from the heat, I was so happy to see that Starbucks was in on the action!

After getting my drink, I made my way to St. Stephen's Green and strolled around the park. It isn't the biggest park and it was super crowded, but I loved seeing all the little kiddos running around!! The gate to St. Stephen's Green is actually a special place for me as the main entrance is where I saw Nick for the very first time! Unfortunately all the construction for the new Luas line (the tram that will go through Dublin when completed) blocked me from taking a nice picture of the whole arch. I got a good one of the top though!

As I walked into the park you could just hear all of different birds going crazy, so I knew immediately that someone must have been feeding them. Turns out a load of people were doing just that!

One guy was feeding all these pigeons and there were birds sitting on his shoulder and arms. For me it was sort of neat to see, but it also grossed me out a bit because I image that pigeons are very germy.

After strolling through St. Stephen's Green, I made my way down to the River Liffey. I was definitely working up a sweat as I cut through Temple Bar since it was so hot. It's worth it though! Dublin was bustling and it was nice to see everyone out and about, enjoying the weather.

I snagged a nice shot of the Ha'Penny Bridge! Overall, I just wanted to be outside and practicing with my camera since I had the time to do so. Walking around with my camera is great because there are so many amazing opportunities for photos that have nice composition and tell a story, but I do often get a bit insecure feeling. Sometimes I worry that people will think I'm a tourist and give the look. I just need to get comfortable in my own skin and to stop worrying about people glancing at me when I have my camera!

Today was a great day to explore and play around, and I enjoyed myself quite a lot. For anyone visiting Dublin, I highly recommend taking the time to get lost as the best way to see things is just by strolling around town.

P.S. Check out my photography page to see more of my pictures! It's where I put my favourite pictures from my outings and adventures.

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