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Killiney Beach

A fun fact about me is that I am very drawn to the ocean. I think my love for coastal views is one of the reasons that living in Ireland feels so right for me. It is an island after all! My favourite beach so far is a little ways down the coast from me in Killiney. I recently strolled down the rocky beach on a Saturday evening and took a lot of pictures that I thought I might share. I really love this beach, especially in the evening when it isn't crowded. The place definitely deserves a whole blog post of its own! The ocean always makes me feel at peace, maybe this post will make you feel peaceful too!

Killiney Beach is a very rocky beach, but still very beautiful. The rocks are actually so pretty and every time I go for a stroll I leave with at least one rock. Also there is something so wonderful about the way nature has made each rock unique. I always leave beach walks feeling open to creative ideas and inspired.

I loved the sheen on this rock! It completely stood out from the rest and I felt that it had been in its spot for years and years because it was so shiny. Thinking about the amount of times the waves have crashed over that one rock quickly got very meta in my head.

Another great thing about Killiney Beach is that a lot of people bring they're dogs there! While Irish people are less open to letting strangers pet their dogs, it's still nice just to have them all around.

From the Beach you can also see the obelisk on top of Killiney Hill. I'm sure I'll probably post about Killiney Hill at some point too. Especially since my favourite (and very good looking) rugby player is often seen up there walking his dogs. I just can't help myself!!

Also there is this random huge house with castle features that really blows me away. It's just so bizarre? And unnecessary? But always awesome at the same time? I always wonder about who had this home built and who lives there.

It is so nice to have the ocean nearby my house. There's something so serene about looking out to the endless ocean. Especially if the sky fills with color. Killiney beach faces east so you'll never get a crazy sunset picture, but I bet if you went at sunrise it would be a stunning view as the sun comes up.

From this beach you can also see the other side of Dalkey Island. It's got the mini little tower on it and the remnants of an old church on it (I think, someone correct me if I'm wrong about it being a Church). In the movie Sing Street, I think the two main characters boat out to the island and picnic there. It really is a nice sight to look at. When you're in Dalkey, you see it from the other side and often times there are seals hanging around that you can spot.

The sand at Killiney beach is actually quite dark, which is different from the other beaches in Dublin. I'm always curious about how though all beaches are essentially made up of the same things, they can have loads of differences, such as sand colour, the colour of the oceans, etc. etc.

I stuck my feet in the water and it was FREEZING but also so invigorating. I loved it. The cold water really wakes you up and somehow makes you feel a little more alive (if that makes sense?)

While Killiney beach may not be every tourist's first stop, or even on their radar, it's a great place to go on a hot day. Taking the DART to get there is a stunning journey as Bray Head comes into view, so even if you don't want to go to the beach, just ride the train to Greystones or Bray for some gorgeous views.

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