• Mckenzie Dow

Howth on a Hot Day

On Sunday I went to Howth, seeking a different view and a little exploration. Howth was absolutely PACKED because it was the weekend and the weather was so warm. Despite the crowds, it was nice to roam around and there was plenty of people watching to be had.

There wasn't a cloud to be seen in the sky and there were kiddos all over the place! I accidentally caught this little guy in the red polo giving his mum a thumbs up on the bay. A lone white sailboat was out on the water as well.

Loads of boats were in the harbour and there were seagulls everywhere! They were cawing over and over again and I could hear giggles from the little ones throwing them some bread. The water was really calm and peaceful to look at and I could smell the ocean everywhere I was.

I watched some young tourists as they jumped into the harbour and swam up to one of the boats. I had a feeling these teenagers were being cheeky and that the boat these ladies crawled onto probably wasn't theirs! I had a feeling they were dared to climb on and it was very amusing to watch the whole situation.

I loved different names of the boats. This one was named Tic Tac and I wondered how the owner came to naming the boat that.

In between taking pictures of everything, I grabbed my own carton of calamari from Howth Market. The market is on every weekend and they have quite a few stands selling an assortment of things. There's food stands of all different origins, a few bakery stalls and an assortment of clothing and accessories stands. It wasn't my first time going to the market. In fact, a few years ago I went and purchased a silver ring that resembles a crown, which I still wear almost every day!

I love these black and white shots of the harbour as well! Before I left, I grabbed some ice cream (strawberry cheesecake flavour) which definitely cooled me off on that very sweaty day.

Overall, for anyone visiting Dublin, I would recommend a trip to Howth. On another, less hot, day I would have explored up the hills a bit more and possible done the little hike up there. I also know there's an old church you can walk around and it's neat to explore. If you're one to dislike the crowds, I wouldn't recommend going on the warmest of days as the DART (train) to get there was SO CROWDED. Despite this, Howth is such a great little place and an easy trip if you want to stay in Dublin county.

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