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Food hack! Starbucks Mushroom Croissants at Home

It's funny. I used to absolutely HATE mushrooms. I thought they were slimy and didn't offer any sort of special flavour, but in the last year my tastebuds evolved and I cannot get enough of them!! This was partially due to these amazing mushroom and cheddar croissants that are at Starbucks. Ever since I first discovered them at my favourite Starbucks, I am obsessed! Unfortunately, every trip into Starbucks means my wallet ends up around €5 lighter. So, I decided that I would try to make these mushroom cheese croissants! That way I could save some cash, and have delicious croissants ready for me each morning!

I decided I would approach this food hack in a meal prep fashion where I would prepare all of the croissants ahead of time so each morning one would be ready for me to heat up in the morning.

I started with three already baked croissants from the discount grocery store Lidl. I only got three to start because this is broke baking after all and I didn't want to waist 5-6 croissants if they came out terribly.

First, I cut each croissant in half so I would have a space to stuff the cheese and mushrooms. The croissants themselves weren't too bad, and I would probably buy the same ones from Lidl Bakery again.

Next I chopped up the mushrooms. I went for the smaller white button mushrooms. So far, these are the kinds of mushrooms I like. Darker mushrooms I do not like as much, and I have yet to try a portobello mushroom. I also never include the mushroom stems in my cooking. I have never tried and I don't even know if that's a thing?

After heating up a bit of oil in the pan, I tossed my mushrooms into the pan. I sautéed the mushrooms on a very low heat as they already cook quickly and I did not want to burn or overcook them.

Meanwhile, I took out the sliced cheese (the cheapest white cheddar they had at Lidl) and tore each slice in half with my fingers. I then placed those half slices inside the croissants.

Once the mushrooms were all cooked I poured them into a bowl and used a teaspoon to start scooping them into the croissant pockets. I found that one regular sized pack of button mushrooms were adequate for three croissants, and I could easily stretch one pack out to be enough for five croissants in the future.

After stuffing the mushrooms into the croissant pockets, I put some more half-slices of cheddar in the pockets, creating layers of mushrooms and cheddar. I found that between the three croissants I only used four slices of cheese.

The whole process of making the Mushroom and Cheddar Croissants was VERY quick. With all prep included, it was about 20-25 minutes. I actually started and finished in the time span it took for a pasta bake dinner to cook in the oven! So easy!

Once I was finished making the croissants, I put them in the fridge for the next morning. These things are perfect for a quick and easy breakfast now, especially since they are so simple to prepare ahead and heat up in the morning. To heat them up, I just popped them in microwave for one minute. This was enough to make them toasty warm and melt all the cheese!

While my Mushroom Cheddar Croissants were nowhere near a professional or pretty looking as the ones at Starbucks, they tasted EXACTLY THE SAME. I felt so proud of myself for finding an easy breakfast solution that imitated one of my favourite fast foods so perfectly! For any mushroom lovers, I would definitely give this a try. For more advanced bakers, you could even make your own croissants if you wanted to! I would love to have done that but I just did not have the time (or the counter space at the moment) to do so. Time is money people!!

Overall, I give my imitation Starbucks Mushroom and Cheddar Croissants a 9/10 for awesomeness.

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