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Day 1: Castletownbere

We're here!! We have arrived in Castletownbere! The weather is going going in and out of sunshine and rain and the temperatures are comfortably cool. We are staying at the Hall's holiday home up the road from the main town. 

 The view from the front room is amazing! Across the way you can see Bere Island.

We started our day with lunch at MacCarthy's Bar. This place is continuously recognised as the best pub in ALL of Ireland. The food was tasty and the pints of Murphy's were great. While Guinness is obviously the most famous stout in Ireland, and possibly the world, in this part of the country, Murphy's Stout is the norm. It's similar, but a seasoned Guinness drinker can tell the difference. Both are very good of course!!

 After that Nick and I grabbed my camera and went back into the village so I could practice with my new lens and explore everything going on. The walk into the town from the house is very beautiful and I always admire this bridge we pass as we walk.

 First we made our way right to the harbour so I could look at all the trawlers. These are boats used exclusively for fishing, which is a big industry in this area of the country. 

 I was consistently amazed with the machinery on these boats! There are so many pulley systems and netting to deal with, I don't know how any one person could understand how to work it all.

 Nick told a funny story as we walked. Apparently he used to be afraid of the family car tipping into the water as a kid because of the warning signs. I could see why, reversing your car backwards onto the Ferry to Bere Island would probably be a bit nervy the first time. 

I admired all the different names of the trawlers. Most were pretty lady names or went with an ocean theme.

After strolling along the harbour, we made our way into main roads of the town. They are lined with very colourful shops and restaurants. I look forward to trying each one over the next two weeks! 

 The view from the town of the surrounding mountains is STUNNING. The biggest one is Hungry Hill and you can hike it apparently. It was so beautiful as the sun peeked through the clouds and we may attempt to climb up at some point during this vacation.

We then made our way around the harbour and to the other side. The water was somewhat out, and I spotted a heron hanging out there. 

 I loved seeing the town from the other side. It's colourful and quaint. The whole area was very calm and you can't help but just feel relaxed. 

As we looped back around after exploring the other side of the harbour, we peeked our heads into a photography exhibition where I spotted a butterfly. 

There was a lovely cafe and gift shop on the same road. I think I might go back and buy one of the neat signs they had for out new place in Killiney. 

Castletownbere is FULL of those cliche signs sending you all sorts of directions. I love it! They remind me of the multitude of silly signs in Doolin that you'd never be able to actually follow. 

Walking back through the town, you get a perfect view of this gorgeous church.  I'm so curious about what it looks like inside. My atheist self would be willing to go to Mass just to find out! I love the huge window in the front and the decorative flags. 

 Nick and I stopped for a quick moment by the harbour. We watched the Bere Island Ferry make it's way out. 

The walk home was extra special when this gorgeous gal came over to say hello. She was so friendly, and definitely wanted a snack as she tried to nibble on my fingers. I'll have to snag a carrot from the kitchen and leave it in my pocket for the next time we walk by her.

We finally made it back home after a few good hours. It's always so pleasing to come home and look out on Bere Island as the sun tries to worm it's way through the clouds.

 So far, Castletownbere is the perfect haven to rest, relax, explore, eat great food, and have the craic. 

Stay tuned for more from Castletownbere!!

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