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Our vacation in West Cork is going wonderfully. Yesterday we went to the tiny town of Glengarriff and explored some nature places in the area. Glengarriff is located on the Beara Peninsula, just like Castletownbere. It apparently is well known for its beauty and tourism.

We first went to the Glengarriff Nature Reserve. Everything was so green and the air somehow felt fresher! Nick's dad, Michael, was our map guide/historical tour guide. His vast amount of knowledge is quirky and delightful to listen to.

We first made our way up this trail called Lady Bantry's Lookout. It only took us about 20 minutes and it wasn't too hard. I took so many pictures that I've put them in the gallery below.

Everything at the top of the lookout was so GREEN. You could see the tiny town of Glengarriff down below, as well as the bay. We could see for miles across the valley. You had to be careful though as you roamed around at the top because it was a steep drop over the edge. The family dog Bonnie started barking like mad as the guys went a little to close to the edge. I think she was barking at them to be careful!

We had a laugh up top when we turned around and suddenly noticed a huge thing of rain heading straight for us through the hills. Quickly we made our way back down the path and nearly made it all the way down before it started pouring! Irish weather can be SO unpredictable.

After that we followed what was called the Big Meadow Walk path, then ended up on the River Walk path until we made it back to the parking lot. The trails were so gorgeous, even when Bonnie would rub her nose in the mud then rub the mud on you.

Following our trail walks, we made our way into the town of Glengarriff. The town was quite the sight! It was colourful and alive with people shopping and enjoying the sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds.

That is until the rain came out!!

As the rain came down, some of us huddled in this cool caravan that's converted into a coffee cart, called Revel. I was completely charmed by the small business! My mocha was perfectly made, and the brownies were better than I expected. The caravan was a perfect refuge from the downfall.

It was so neat because there were board games you could play while sitting outside, and they also rented bikes to tourists. I also greatly appreciated the fact that they offered iced coffee! Feel free to click on the pictures for a closer look.

After grabbing a quick snack and coffee, we made our way back to Castletownbere. I felt so satisfied after exploring another part of the Beara Peninsula. I would highly recommend for anyone vacationing on the Wild Atlantic Way to at least make a quick stop in Glengarriff. There also seemed to be a nice selection of Inns, Hostels and Hotels to choose from for a longer stay.

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