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Kilmackilogue and Kenmare

Yesterday, Jackie took us to Kenmare in County Kerry, while stopping off at Kilmackilogue along the way. It was about a 45 minute drive from Castletownbere, but no one minded as the drive was beautiful.

Our first stop was Kilmackilogue Harbour, where we grabbed a bite to eat. There was much debate in the house about how to even spell Kilmackilogue (two L's or one?). It was a glorious view. On a less windy day, you could sit outside and take it all in. According to Beara tourism, the Knockatee Mountain is across the way. We ate in the cafe/bar at the harbour and the food was fabulous. I ordered vegetable soup and it came with the thickest slice of brown bread I've ever seen. The chips were also so tasty, and perfectly homemade.

Click on the pictures for a better look, if you'd like!

We met a lovely woman at the cafe who immediately recognised Jackie as being from Castletownbere! I wondered how she knew just from looking!! It was such an Irish exchange really. This lovely woman told us a different way to get to Kenmare that would let us see more of the beautiful coastline, and her advice was much appreciated.

After our bellies were filled with fresh fish, soup and brown bread, we made our way to Kenmare. I had never even thought to look up the town online, so I had no specific expectations in mind.

We first stopped at Sheen Falls Lodge. This is a five star hotel just outside of Kenmare and also where Nick's sister was married two years before. I could absolutely understand why they had selected Sheen Falls. The grounds were absolutely beautiful and next a gorgeous bridge and waterfalls. We strolled inside as well and walked through the reception, bar and restaurant areas. It was very beautiful inside and they offered a number of fancy activities for their guests, including a clay pigeon shooting and horse riding.

Heading into Kenmare, the remainder of the car ride was filled with hilarious stories from the wedding. It sounded like an absolute rager!

It was SO busy when we arrived. Kenmare is apparently quite a hotspot during the summer months, and I could easily see why. It was bigger than the other towns I've visited so far, but still charming, quaint and colourful. There were plenty of restaurants, pubs, and shops to explore. It was set right in the mountains as well, which made for a very picturesque scene.

As you can see, Kenmare was VERY packed! I didn't mind all the cars and people though.It just made getting a good picture more of a fun challenge.

Nick and I went into Kenmare Church, which was lovely! The stained glass windows utilised a lot of purple (my favourite) and it was very peaceful inside. I didn't take too many pictures inside with my noisy camera because I didn't want to offend a parishioner who seemed to be enjoying the tranquility of the church, but trust me, it was nice!

After exploring the Church, we made our way back to the colourful streets to do more exploring. Nick and I got some ice cream and peeked our heads in and out of different stores, occasionally doing so to avoid a shower of rain.

We both got our ice creams on Oreo cones. I had never seen that as an option before! I found it to be perfect for catching any drips that would dribble down, making your ice cream cone far less messy.

Kenmare was full of little oddities, including a wine shop that had Dow Wines (my last name, I'd never seen that before) and a funny/very blunt Donald Trump trinket at the markets.

Overall, I really liked Kenmare! There seemed to be plenty to do there, and was an attractive destination for families as well. The restaurant scene in the main town area was bustling and there were plenty of places to enjoy a pint. Also, there were loads of different options for accommodation in the area. Whether you would be looking to stay somewhere fancy or somewhere affordable, you had plenty of choice.

For more information about Kenmare, check out this website. Would I go to Kenmare again? Definitely! For anyone traveling to Kerry, it's a must see.

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