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Does being an Expat really make you healthier, happier and wealthier? - A Response

This article is a part of the Expat series.

I recently stumbled upon an article from The Telegraph called Does expat life really make you healthier, wealthier, and happier? It was written by Elizabeth Roberts and can be found here.

The article was a very interesting read where different expats from the UK responded to the question, based off a survey done that said expats were actually healthier, happier and wealthier than their non-expat counterparts.

So, I thought it could be a good idea to answer these questions for myself as part of my expat series!

Does being an expat make you healthier?

YES. Definitely. I have definitely lost weight and find that I have a much easier time eating healthy here in Ireland. There are so many fresh food markets around me and produce is relatively cheap. Also, I don't have a car here yet which means I do a lot more walking than I would be doing at home. My lifestyle is definitely more active here than it is at home. Also, as a vegetarian, Dublin is surprisingly good for having vegetarian options and specials. Also, the people of Ireland are obsessed with cooking curries, and these are easily kept healthy by adding loads of vegetables! Additionally, food here is less processed than back in America, so that's another health plus, So overall it's quite easy to be healthier here.

Does being an expat make you wealthier?

NOPE. Perhaps if I lived away from Dublin it would, but that's not the case at the moment. Rent in Dublin is ridiculously expensive and transportation fees aren't that great either. I plan to remain in Dublin for clinical training (if I get in that is) and maybe then it will make me wealthier as trainee psychologists do get a decent salary along the way. But for now, no, being an expat definitely does not make me wealthier whatsoever. There's always hope though!

Does being an expat make you happier?

It sure does!! I find that my baseline for joy and happiness is just much higher here, making it much easier to be happier overall. Maybe it's because I'm more active here, or simply the lack of snow, but whatever it is, it makes me happier. There's something really special about living in Dublin that makes me really happy. In addition, I have an opportunity to get experience in clinical psychology very early on that I would not have back at home, and this makes me very happy as well. All around, I am much happier as an expat than I was back in America.

Overall... being an expat is awesome, despite the challenges! If anyone ever has more questions about being an expat, feel free to contact me via 'contact mckenzie'.

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