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My PhD and the Blog

Hiya everybody! I hope you're all doing very well. I just wanted to write a brief post about my PhD and where my blog will be going next! As you probably know, I recently accepted a PhD at children's hospital and UCD. I will be starting soon and am really looking forward to all the adventures and challenges this PhD will bring.

For a while now, I've really been wanting to start writing more about mental health and well-being. Everyone studying psychology knows that there is a huge stigma around mental health and many misunderstanding about related health topics such as sleep, mindfulness, staying well, therapy, and what things actually positively contribute to our mental health. My PhD seems to be a perfect opportunity to start doing this as I will be surrounded by psychological science and research. I would like to us my blog as an opportunity to talk more about psychological well-being and how we can best facilitate this.

Often time we see new headlines saying crazy things like about psychological studies and our health. Usually, what we see on the news is often a very exaggerated and inaccurate representation of the research. It is my aim to break down actual research and studies into readable, understandable and accurate topics here on my blog so readers can learn more about the real meanings of these scientific studies. I would like my writing about mental health to accurately reflect what research is finding, not what we want it to find!

I also think it is important to remind anyone reading that my blog is all about my life, and I think it is so important to be transparent and completely honest with readers about my own struggles and experiences that may be giving me a tough time. It is so easy to scroll through someone's Instagram or blog and think 'wow! They are so happy! why am I not that happy?' when really everyone is going through something at one time or another. I hope that by writing more frequently about psychology, mental health, and well-being, I can remind readers that it is okay to not be okay, as long as we are doing our best.

If anyone has topic suggestions around mental health and psychology that you think would be interesting to read about, please let me know! You can send me a message via the 'contact Mckenzie' page.

Now, wish me luck as this PhD starts so soon! Also, who is stoked for Game of Thrones Season Finale tonight?! It's going to be crazy!!

New posts will be up this week about my adventures with my friends who are currently visiting Ireland!!

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