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Fall/Winter GOALS

Self-reflection is such an important and valuable activity to do. When we reflect back on our days, weeks, months and year, we can look at how far we have come, and what we can do to continue striving to live our best lives. Psychology professionals should always be reflecting on their work, feelings, and experiences to continue moving forward in their careers and personal development. I think it is important for everyone to self reflect in some way or another!

I myself have been thinking about what things I would like to start doing more of or change as the year comes to a close. Setting smart goals is so valuable! Goals can guide us and motivate us to make change and take care of ourselves. I have been thinking about some of my own goals across the last few weeks that I would like to start working toward!

When making goals, it is important to make S.M.A.R.T. goals. Keep them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. All of the following goals are smart! I've decided to stick to only three goals. I don't want to overwhelm myself with so many new things coming up in my life through the rest of 2017.

1. Step up my fashion game.

Dublin is full of amazing places to buy clothes an accessories. Amazon is at my fingertips. Vintage stores are littered across the city. I have been feeling so into the fashion stuff in the last few months. It's probably because fashion is always changing in a city and there are so many opportunities to have fun with clothes and experiment! I am going to start exploring some of those vintage stores more often and try to feel less self-conscious about trying new trends! I blame this goal completely on all of the Irish fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram. If anyone needs fashion inspiration, the Irish girls know what is up! Check out any of the gals below if you're looking to up your fashion skills.

2. Be more financially responsible

To be fair, I've been pretty good with my money since I moved to Dublin. Sure, I treat myself to a few too many coffees, and I every once in a while I spend too much on a night out, BUT I've also managed to survive up until now. Right now my money is VERY tight until my PhD funding becomes a thing, which means I've been ruminating (probably a bit too much) on ways I can be even better at managing my money. Ways I might save some cash include: spending less on coffees and make my own at home, be better about always packing lunches for workdays, finally enable the cash rewards offered through my bank, find another casual babysitting job, and always make sure to turn off the lights when I leave a room in my apartment! This way, maybe I'll start to make it raaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn.

3. Start a gratitude journal, or buy one to work through from Amazon.

A lot of positive psychology research has been investigating the ways that gratitude is actually good for our overall well-being. I will be writing a post soonish about the benefits of actively practicing gratitude, and now it's my time to do as I say! I would really like to start making gratitude exercises or journalling a part of my routine because I think it would help keep things in perspective, and it's a great habit to develop if I decide to attempt to become a clinical psychologist.

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