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CAFE CORNER - New series!!

Anyone who knows me here in Dublin knows that I love a good mocha, a.k.a. a caffè mocha. In fact I absolutely love them. Since its a bit harder to find iced coffees in town, I've slowly evolved into a mocha drinker. I'm practically a regular at the Butler's Pantry by my work at this rate. I've never been one for straight up hot coffee (ew) and the touch of some chocolate turns an ordinarily icky coffee into a beautifully smooth and tasty drink.

Now, living in suburbia of south Dublin is great, but it often means that I spend far less time in town (city centre) than I did when I studied abroad. Lately I've been missing the afternoons where I had few responsibilities and could run around town exploring all over the place.

So in order to fulfil my desire to be in city centre more often, I decided to use my blog as a scapegoat for combining two things I love very much: mochas and exploring town! Over the next few months, it is my goal to find the best mocha in ALL of Dublin. North side or south side, it doesn't matter to me. I just need my mochas, and I need 'em now! I'm going to call this new series CAFE CORNER. I am determined to find every cutesy, dodgy, hidden, or crowded cafe/shop that may have something to offer. Hopefully in the end, I will have an amazing chronicle of independent coffee shops in Dublin, as well as new pictures of town to share with you all.

I think this series is a great idea for a multitude of reasons:

- It's a perfect excuse for drinking a ton of mochas

- It's an opportunity to spend more time in town, exploring without a real plan

- Plenty of chances to keep practicing my photography in the streets and shops

- Potentially meet new people and network with cool humans

- Walking all around town = exercise!!

- A creative of way to show my readers how beautiful Dublin City really is!

- Will end up with a chronicle/guide of amazing cafes in Dublin that visitors can explore themselves

I do realize that this Cafe Corner series has potential to be costly, because many coffees will be purchased! So to keep things affordable and in line with my recent goal to be financially responsible, I am vowing to buy less coffees during the week, so I can splurge for my Cafe Corner on the weekends. If necessary, I will make my coffees at home during the week.

Also, if I'm going to find the best mocha in town, I'm going to need to create a rating system to rate each one I try. This will help me eventually get down to which cafe really offers the best mocha.

Taste: It's all about the coffee/chocolate ratio here.

Price: It's important for a gal to only pay what a mocha is worth. If I'm paying over €4.00 for a mocha, it better be the best mocha of my life!

Heat: My best friend Emily suggested this one, and she's right to do so. Sometimes you get a coffee that's just warm from the start, and that certainly won't do.

Appearance: They say we eat with our eyes...

Each mocha will be rated out of ten for each category. I think this makes a fair system for mocha rating if you ask me!

I am so excited to start this new series and get back into the habit of exploring Dublin a little bit more. If anyone has any suggestions for where I should go first, let me know!

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