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Beanhive - Cafe Corner Series

Yesterday I managed to convince Nick to come into town with me and explore. We're FINALLY moving into our new place in the coming week, so we have to slowly start picking up home items so we shopped around town. It also was the perfect time to kick off my Cafe Corner series!!

After filling our tummies on some pub grub, we went into the first independent coffee shop we saw. This place was called Beanhive! It was this tiny little coffee shop and full of people enjoying their hot drinks and some food as well.

I ordered a mocha and Nick ordered an Americano. We sat outside and laughed at the frequently changing weather (typical Ireland). The staff were very nice and the cafe itself was definitely quirky. It took a bit of time for my mocha to be prepared (they were very busy) so I was SO ready for it when it finally came to our table.

When it came out, I thought it was beautiful!! It looked so creamy and I loved the effort that went into the appearance. Nick also appreciated the way his Americano was presented as well. In fact, I really loved everything about this small coffee shop. I thought their logo was funky and cute, and it was nice to be able to sit outside. Also, the selection of hot drinks felt limitless. I quickly ordered my mocha because that was my whole purpose of being there, but I could ordering loads of amazing-sounding items from the menu. The inside was cozy feeling and I imagine they probably have regular customers who stop in frequently.

Now for my official scores for this Mocha....

Taste: 5/10 While the presentation of this mocha was absolutely gorgeous and delightful to look at, the taste was average. I wasn't getting much coffee flavour, or chocolate flavour. It was just this awkward in between. Compared to where I get my usual by my work, or the ones I make at home, it was a bit bland. Though it was not terrible by any means, so that's why it gets a five from me.

Price: 6/10 This mocha was €3.50. I have seen mochas go for way more than that in town, but I've also seen them go for way less as well. Perhaps as I continue looking for the best mochas in town, my perception on what is good value could change, and I'll have to adjust this score.

Heat 5/10: I'm not sure if it was just because we enjoyed our coffees outside where it was chilly, or if it just wasn't very hot...but this mocha got cold FAST. It came out warm, not super hot.

Appearance 10/10: This mocha was gorgeous!! The design in the foam was amazing. I honestly am so impressed with baristas who can pull that off. It definitely made the mocha look absolutely delectable.

Overall, I enjoyed our coffee time at Beanhive. It's in a great location for people watching, and I love that you can sit outside and enjoy the city atmosphere. Their menu was expansive and I definitely would go back to try something different. The baked goods and sandwiches that other patrons were having looked delicious. Check out their website here. All in all, despite my mocha being a bit underwhelming, I thoroughly enjoyed stopping at Beanhive. I can see myself going back and trying something else from the menu. The location is great and the staff were very cheery and kind. Also, from browsing on their Facebook page, it looks like people are so satisfied with Beanhive, so perhaps it was just a weird day for my mocha! In fact, everything in the cafe looked so delectable that I would love to go in and photograph their entire selection (since food and brand photography is probably my favourite).

Following our coffee stop, Nick and I got on with our shopping. I was so happy to be roaming around town with no real itinerary or time limit. I snapped a few pics in the city, and it was so lovely to see the sun come out and make everything even more beautiful. Every time I'm in town, I feel like I re-fall in love with Dublin.

If anyone has any suggestions for which cafe I should go to next, let me know! You can reach me at the contact Mckenzie page.

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