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Kaph - Cafe Corner Series

After a suggestion from my friend Holly, I found myself at Kaph on Drury Street. Continuing on my mission to find the best mocha in town, I was determined to stop by this place. The cafe could easily be spotted by the pretty flag hanging in the window and it is located in a great spot, surrounded by a number of other small businesses.

I strolled in to see the staff happily chatting away behind the counter. Everyone working there was super pleasant as I ordered. The downstairs area was small, but well decorated with neat art and funky red stools. I liked that you could sit in the window and read while having your coffee if you wanted to. Apparently there's an upstairs as well that provides more seating area.

I ordered a standard mocha with no fancy extras and it didn't take too long. I sat down in one of the red stools facing a small shelved alcove that had stacks of pamphlets and small booklets. All of these were related to cultural events going on in Dublin and it was nice to flip through them as I sipped on my coffee.

As mentioned Kaph was well decorated and the staff were very friendly. I had a lovely chat with the owner/manager(?) about the antique coffee grinders on the walls. There were so many and it was clear that it took quite a long time to collect them all. I thought they fit in well with the cafe. The owner/manager was very nice to talk with and didn't hesitate to give me advice on other favourable coffee shops in Dublin.

The mocha itself was absolutely delicious. I really liked it a lot. It was ready quickly and was of very good quality. I liked that there was chocolate sprinkled around the edges. The leaf design was simple and elegant. I could definitely see why it was recommended to me.

Also, according to some reviews, Kaph apparently offers a great selection of paleo friendly treats, which I think is great. If I hadn't inhaled some donuts prior to strolling in, I would have tried them out. The fella sitting next to me seemed rather pleased with his chocolate tart, which was a good sign.

Now for my official scores...

Taste: 7/10 I thought this mocha tasted great! It was creamy and chocolatey for sure. The only reason I didn't give it a higher score is because I felt it was a bit overpowered by the chocolate and the coffee wasn't able to shine through. Nonetheless it was delicious!! I had to make myself slow it down a bit and actually enjoy the mocha mindfully.

Price: 5/10 This mocha costed €3.70. This is more expensive than the previous coffee shop I went to, but it's still cheaper than other mocha's I have seen around town. Also, I thought the price was a bit high relative to the size of the cup it came in.

Heat: 8/10 This mocha came out quite hot and stayed warm for a long time. It could have been slightly hotter, but it definitely was hot enough for my liking.

Appearance: 5/10 I think most places serve you a mocha with a leaf design, so it didn't feel special or particularly crafty. To be fair though, I probably couldn't even make the leaf if I were a barista, so I have to give props to all you barista's out there for making our coffees look pretty.

Following my dropping in at Kaph, I attended my hair appointment at Ladiesman Hair Salon which was fabulous. I chopped about half my hair off and the stylist was amazing, funny, and kind. I was so nervous to go to a new salon for the first time since moving to Dublin, but it went down well and I will absolutely return for a trim in a few months if I'm bothered to maintain my hair properly. I found this salon on a Groupon and I couldn't be happier. (The photograph is from wedding photographer, David Ryan)

Following my hair appointment, I roamed around town and just snapped some pictures of anything that caught my eye. I find that I'm not often in the Whitefriar blocks of town that often, so I liked exploring my surroundings. (Feel free to click on the photos to see them properly).

Overall, I really liked Kaph, and my time in town that afternoon. I thought the location of it was great and that the staff were friendly. I appreciated that the owner/manager (not sure) was around and had a chat with me. I liked that the shop was clearly engaged in Dublin culture and art. Also, the music they were playing was just my style and spot on. In addition, Kaph was selling a number of those Keep Cups that are becoming popular in the coffee world. I think this is really great because these Keep Cups were designed by baristas. When you bring them with you to coffee shops, you don't tend to get those occasional annoyed looks from staff behind the counter because they're functional for baristas too. Also, Keep Cups promote environmental sustainability so I appreciated that Kaph was on board with them.

All in all, I would definitely return to Kaph!!

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