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Simon's Place - Cafe Corner

Once again I've explored around town in search of another coffee shop. This time I came across Simon's Place. Tucked in besides Georges Street Arcade on South Great George's Street, I probably would never have noticed this place if I didn't spend so much time at Nolita across the street.

Nick and I walked in and I immediately liked the atmosphere. The walls are yellow and covered in posters. Some of them were for promotional for upcoming concerts, plays and cultural events. They also have some neat movie posters around too! It was dark inside the cafe, but somehow this really fit in.

The staff were super friendly and we were able to find a seat quick enough. I ordered a mocha (of course) and Nick got an Americano. Both our drinks were prepared quickly and we sat down by the window facing into the street arcade.

I liked being able to people watch into the arcade and see what was going on. Nick and I had a lovely conversation about American football and politics (typical conversations for us). The cafe was populated with people from all different walks of life. There were some tourists, some older people, and some pretty trendy people too.

Now onto my official scores for this mocha...

Taste: 5/10 On the first sip, I could barely taste any chocolate. It was straight up coffee! However, once I gave it a nice stir with the spoon it tasted pretty good. It definitely was leaning on the coffee side still, but if that's how you prefer your mochas then this place is for you!

Price: 10/10 When I looked at the menu board I couldn't believe my eyes! This mocha only costed €2.40. This is by far the CHEAPEST mocha I've seen so far. I was so impressed! It absolutely warranted a 10/10.

Heat: 10/10 This mocha came out roasting hot which I loved. It's weird but I appreciate having the few moments waiting for it to cool down a bit because you can just be in the present moment and pause.

Appearance: 5/10 This mocha came out in a latte glass. I thought this was pretty neat. Though in comparison to other coffee shops, the presentation was less exciting. However, I do realize that appearance is not the most important!!

Overall, I REALLY liked Simon's Place. I couldn't believe how affordable it was. They had a nice selection of sandwiches and salads that were also so affordable. The staff were super friendly as well. I loved all the posters everywhere and Nick even spotted an Irish Literature course that caught his interest. This place is a hole in the wall and you could walk right by it if you didn't know to stop in.

As usual after grabbing our coffees, we strolled around town. It was a rainy day and those are my favourite days to take photos in town.

We passed by a pub putting some old rugby artefacts on display. There was a really old rugby ball and some signed jerseys.

Simon's Place Cafe is right by George's Street Arcade which has a long history in the city. It has a number of shops, vendors and food places within the vast Victorian style building. For any visitors, it's worth strolling through the vendors and seeing what you can find. There's a wood fired pizza place within that's pretty good as well. The architecture of the building is so beautiful and it's a hallmark of Dublin city. It's also the oldest shopping centre in Ireland!

Walking through town during the rain is beautiful. The rain let up as we made our way to Penneys to pick up some towels and the cobblestone streets just shined so beautifully. We passed by the Stags Head which is one of my favourite pubs and made our way to Penneys. I just had to stop and snap a picture of this side road. It was so unusually calm for the middle of the day and a bit serene in a way.

Finally after picking out some mismatching towels (we couldn't agree on them) we made our way to Connolly Station. Again walking back to the DART station was actually so pleasant. We walked by Irish Life and I admired the statue and fountain out front. I had never strolled by it before. As we walked, Nick explained to me about the history of the area. What is now a huge row of hostels on Gardiner Street used to be very cramped tenement buildings that were just in terrible conditions way back when (nineteenth century I think? Could be wrong). Now the street is flourishing with hostels. It was interesting to walk this way and learn more about a history I did not know. I swear, every time I stroll through the city I fall in love with Dublin all over again which is so cheesy!!! Ew!!

Basically, for anyone looking for a good mocha and bite to eat, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Simon's Place Cafe. It was affordable, friendly, and in a good location. Perhaps on a quiet day, get a mocha there and walk around to observe the architecture in the city. It's so easy to become acquainted with it all that we often forget to stop and appreciate how special Dublin really is.

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