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Mochaland Cafe and Restaurant - Cafe Corner

Well, it's called Mochaland so I obviously had to stop in at some point!

Mochaland Cafe and Restaurant is located just across the river on the north side. It has loads of good reviews (and one from a cranky American who doesn't understand the difference between bacon in the States and bacon in Europe) and it seemed very promising for a perfect mocha.

We came into town so I could spend a gift card on some vintage clothes and get some lunch at Diwali Restaurant on George's Street, but a mocha was the first thing on the list!

Mochaland offered two different types of mochas, a white one and a dark one. Nick was with me, so he ordered the traditional mocha and I got the white one! I always think it's so special when you get the opportunity to try a different kind of order, and I felt that it wouldn't bias results because I would be trying the regular one too.

I'm so obnoxious. All I do is take pictures of Nick!

Mochaland was pretty cool. They have a selection of grilled sandwiches, coffee and teas. They had us sit down and they brought over our coffees. The staff were so friendly and the cafe itself is a cozy place. For some reason the interior reminded me of my moms best friend/the mother of one of my best friend Lexie/my third mother, Dianne. It was warm and just reminded me of the way she always decorated her home when we were growing up, which is hilariously random. There was a lot of natural light coming through the big windows and it was nice to watch the world pass by on the busy quays.

Now onto my official scores...I had a really hard time with this one.

Taste: 6/10 Upon first sip of my white mocha, I thought it was unreal. Without a doubt it was very tasty. There were hints of the coffee behind the white chocolate and I didn't hesitate to keep drinking it! However, it was a little too sweet for my preference.

I also tried the regular mocha to keep things fair in my search. Again, it was creamy and so delicious, but I couldn't taste a hint of the coffee! I felt so bad for having that criticism in such a lovely cafe, but Nick agreed.

Price: 7/10 This mocha was only €3.15 which is so great! You got a big glass, so I think you were getting a great value for what you were paying, especially since the mocha's were tasty (even if they're not to my personal preference/style).

Heat: 7/10 It came out nice and warm and was definitely hot enough to be enjoyed. It didn't get cold too quickly either which is great.

Appearance: 6/10 I really liked the cool layers! There were four in my white mocha to be exact and the latte glass was a nice touch. The top of Nick's had some chocolatey stripes that looked neat as well.

Overall, Mochaland was a delight. Even though the coffees were leaning toward the chocolatey side which isn't my preference, they were still good. I loved how much the cafe somehow reminded me of growing up with Lexie, just from the design of the inside. It was also nice to be on the other side of the river, watching the world pass us by. The lunch food was reasonably priced, and Nick definitely enjoyed his chicken pesto sandwich. I absolutely would return. I would like to try their chai latte next!

As usual with these posts, I wandered around town while I was there. I had a gift card for the Dublin Vintage Factory that I wanted to use. I started at the one in Smithfield. I hadn't been anywhere this area in years! St. Michan's is nearby, and for anyone visiting that is a must see. There are actual mummies in the crypts underneath and you can go look at them up close. It can be hard to get a tour in there, but if you can, it's a must see for me. The mummies have very interesting histories behind them.

Afterwards, I made my way to the new location they opened by the river to see what other stuff they had there as well. By the end of the day, I had spent €41 from my gift card and felt pretty satisfied. To see what I bought and read about my experience with Dublin Vintage Factory, read my other post about it here.

On this day, Dublin was gloomy, but often times those are my favourite days to shoot. We trekked along the quays (pronounced 'keys' by the way, looking at you American friends) and enjoyed the buzz of the city. I always like exploring new places within Dublin, because each time I find something new or interesting, I feel more and more accustomed to living here.

I loved how gorgeous this window display was. I can't even remember where it was. Somewhere around Georges Street because that's where we got lunch before I went off shopping. The extra sparkly dresses are coming out with the holidays just around the corner and I'm looking forward to Dublin being all decorated and lit up.

It's also so special to see Dublin landmarks from different perspectives as you roam around town. We passed by the Four Courts, which is Dublin's main court building, and I can remember a time where I was right up close to the structure. They're doing some work on it, but I was still itching to get a peek inside. I bet it's magnificent in there.

We also saw by Christ Church from behind and across the river. Despite it being a cloudy day, it was lovely to see the top peeking through two modern buildings; just dominating the scenery of the area.

It's so fascinating to observe how eclectic Dublin is with its mix of old and new.One of my favourite things about the city right now is the continue development of small murals on public electricity or wiring boxes (or whatever they are) on both sides of the Liffey. Each one is so different and the more I explore, the more of them I see.

All in all, it was a great day to be in town. Fall is definitely here and it was nice to hear some leave crunching beneath my boots as we wandered around. I never making the small journey into the city because there is always something to see or do.

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