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Dublin Vintage Factory

Recently, to keep up with my fall goal of being more fashion forward, I decided to finally see what the hype is about with the Dublin Vintage Factory. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so it was about time I made my way to Smithfield to see what it was all about.

The vintage factory was an interesting experience. I thought it was going to be so much bigger inside for some reason! It was a bit small, but I loved the music they were playing up above. I felt there wasn't a big selection of women's shirts, but that's my only complaint! I admired the vast amount of leather jackets and I even found a Patriots shirt buried in the store. They also had a HUGE selection of quality flannels which normally I would be all over, but I already have way too many. I also know that they just brought in another big stock of jackets, and they had a lot of sports jerseys for all the sports fanatics out there.

The cool thing about this place is that everything is sold for €20 per kilo. I had never been to a vintage store like that before. I think this was cool because it meant that things were less expensive than some of the other vintage shops in town, but I also felt that it was still more expensive than if I strolled around and peeked into the charity shops for similar items. I do totally acknowledge that I'm biased because back in America we have HUGE thrift shops where you can find amazing vintage items for really cheap if you have a good eye. It is not fair to compare the two different vintage options as they aren't meant to offer the same things or have the same purpose.

After stopping in both of their locations, I left with two skirts, two sweaters, and a cropped sweatshirt. This all cost me €41 which is actually such a good deal in hindsight! I probably would have spent about the same if I had gone somewhere like Penneys (Primark) or H&M.

I picked up two suede skirts. I bought my first skirt in over ten years when we were in Belfast, and ever since then, I'm all about the skirts. These two fit me perfectly around my waist. One thing I love about shopping vintage is that is gives you an opportunity to be creative and make an item your own. Both these skirts were originally below the knee length, but I cut them to a length that I preferred. One of them would be more appropriate for work, while I cut the other one a bit shorter.

I even gave one of them a scalloped detail on the bottom to add some flare. I'm a big fan of scalloped designs. I think both these skirts would be perfect pairs with tights, a loose sweater and short booties. Perhaps they could be paired with a crop top as well! To make the the scalloped design, I used chalk to draw the design, and then cut along the lines.

Fall is on it's way so I wanted to pick up some funky sweaters to pair with my skirts. I loved this red, white and blue one. It's very America inspired and it paired well with one of the skirts I bought. I also think it would look so adorable tucked into my black skinny jeans, paired with my white converse.

I also picked up this quirky striped sweater from the location on Wellington Quay which I again could wear with one of my skirts or with leggings on a lazy day.

Lastly, I picked up this cropped sweatshirt from their second location. I really liked that it fits in with fall colours and the crop hits me at just the right place on my short torso. It works perfectly with leggings and could look fabulous with high waisted jeans as well. It's also huge in the sleeves and loose fitting which means it's very comfortable.

Overall, I really liked Dublin Vintage Factory. I was expecting there to be a bigger selection in the Smithfield location, however, I do think that what they had curated for both stores was really on trend. This means you don't have to spend hours bouncing between thrift shops to find that perfect item. Also, they apparently turn over their stock frequently, which means there is always new stuff coming in. The staff at both stores were super friendly, and I appreciated the sale of buttons supporting the repeal of the 8th amendment (for more about that issue, click on the red heart found on my home page). I definitely think it's a great value for what you're getting. I got five quality items for less than 50 bucks!!

I will definitely return to Dublin Vintage Factory in the future, especially since I have a little bit left on my gift card. For anyone looking for on trend, curated vintage items, this store is the place for you. They are also having a 30% sale on certain selections right now! Beware though, it could be SO easy to spend more than expected because a kilo is actually a lot lighter than you think it is.

If you need anything else to convince you to stop in this funky store, the main location is in Smithfield. This is a neighbourhood just north of the river in town and it's a wonderful place. There are a number of friendly cafes around, a large open square, and different shops to explore. The Jameson Distillery is in the area as well and it's well connected by Dublin Bus. If you're looking for something to do in the coming days of fall, it is so worth grabbing a warm coffee and strolling around Smithfield.

If anyone has any suggestions for vintage stores in Dublin that I should explore, let me know!!

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