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Mocha Hack!!

You all probably hate me with my mocha posts by now......oh well! For anyone who is new around here, I've been doing a series on finding the best mocha in Dublin City. About once per week I try somewhere new and give it a ranking. I love this series because it means I am out and a bit in town more frequently.

Mocha's can be expensive though depending on where you go. Since I'm broke as heck, I make my mochas at home before work during the week so I can let myself splurge in the different coffeeshops on my days off.

So, I thought I would share how I get my mocha fix during the week. While my at home versions won't be foamy or fancy like the ones in town (I'm considering buying a milk frother thingy, but that may defeat the purpose of making them at home) but it's a great way to supplement my chocolate/coffee cravings during the week without spending €3.50 everyday.

So, I start with the basics. I have our coffee grinds, a cafetiere, some regular Irish cream, and chocolate from a semi-sweet chocolate bar, and my to-go cup!

My first step is to take a chunk of the chocolate bar and put it in my cup. I typically take about 1/4 of the bar. I then pour the desired amount of cream over the chocolate. I use cream because I prefer it over milk because it's a bit thicker and I just feel like it works better with the chocolate blending into the coffee later on.

I then make the coffee! We have a cafetiere. It's this neat little device that makes coffee simply and efficiently. You scoop the desired amount of coffee into the bottom. Then you prepare some boiling water using the electric kettle. I didn't even know electric kettles existed until I moved to Ireland, so I don't know how efficient this method would be in America. You could probably just do this with your own coffee makers.

Once you've got the boiling water, just pour the desired amount into the cafetiere and press. I then pour that water over my mini chocolate bar and cream into my mug or to-go cup.

The chocolate won't melt right away so you will have to use a spoon to stir it for a bit. Eventually it will all blend together. Some chocolate will sink to the bottom so it's good to stir as you sip if you can! Depending on how much chocolate and cream you put in, the coffee will take on a nice chocolately brown.

And voilà! You have an imitation mocha. Your coffee will have that nice taste of chocolate, but the coffee will be there too. It's not going to be as creamy as one in a coffee shop, but it's a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth and start the day on a good note.

I recognise that according to the Irish Healthy Eating Guidelines, adding chocolate to your coffee each morning may not be the best for you, but maybe once or twice a week is a better option for anyone trying to minimise sweets. You're also not using a whole chocolate bar in each coffee, rather it would be about one bar per work week, so that's not too bad, at least for myself.

For anyone who wants a mocha but doesn't want to spend so much every day, this is the solution for you. I also think this mocha hack is pretty customisable because you could use whatever kind of chocolate you like. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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