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Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge - Cafe Corner

Here I am again to inform of another fabulous coffee shop in Dublin. This time, I stumbled upon this cafe with Nick after getting lunch in town, and I fell in love with it for numerous reasons while we were inside, but also after when I explored their website.

So we started with lunch in town, then decided to roam around since it was such a lovely day to be in the city. That's when we stumbled upon Accents! It's kind of in such a random location. It's on Stephen's Street Lower, which isn't the most populated place, so then to see this purple beacon of a coffee shop was not what I was expecting.

When you walk in, you'll notice that Accents is a VERY cosy place. Instead of having numerous tables with chairs, there are different couches with accompanying coffee tables, a large map and a full bookshelf toward the back. There is also another large seating area downstairs which provides more room to enjoy your coffee. I really liked that everything was purple since purple is my favourite colour after black. The inside was warm and felt like a welcoming place overall.

When we strolled in, it was actually quite full of people enjoying their coffee. There wasn't anywhere to sit, so we had to order our coffees for takeaway. However, as they came out, a nice couch opened up so we decided to sit and relax.

It seemed like Accents had a good amount to offer for drinks and snacks. All the customers inside seemed to be at ease and you couldn't help but smile as you looked at one of the framed photos of a baby monkey smiling at you.

Now for my official scores...

Taste: 10/10 THIS MOCHA WAS PERFECT. It was probably the best mocha I have ever had so far. The taste was a perfect balance between the chocolate and coffee. Previous cafes have been delicious with their mochas but often too chocolatey, but Accents has seriously perfected finding that balance. I was grinning with delight after each sip because this mocha was perfect from beginning to end. At the end of the day, taste is what matters most, and I was so pleased and delighted to give my first 10/10 score for my mocha.

Price: 6/10 This mocha was €3.60. I gave it a 6/10 instead of a 5 because it was the best mocha I've ever had and I felt that you were absolutely getting what you paid for and more. Also, my mocha for takeaway was big! It took me quite a while to work my way through it. Also, looking around the cafe, the mugs they were serving other drinks in seemed rather large as well. It was clear to me that even though the price was a bit higher than the average, you were getting a good amount of coffee that was of great quality. Still though, if you were buying a mocha from Accents even just twice a week, the cost would add up quick!

Heat: 10/10 This mocha came out absolutely roasting and it stayed hot for a while, even though I took the lid off my cup. It was again, perfect.

Appearance: 6/10 This is where things got tricky. I had to order for takeaway at first, which means I didn't get the typical mug or glass that would have decorated foam on the top. So for now, I gave my mocha a 6/10. However, I will return to order a mocha in house so I can fairly judge it's appearance. Once I do that, I'll update my appearance score. Looking around at the other drinks people were ordering, it sure looks like Accents does some lovely foam art. Regardless of whether they decorate their mochas nicely, the taste makes up for it all.

Overall, Accents is a fabulous place to grab a coffee for so many reasons. I really liked my own experience in the lounge, and after exploring their website, I like the place even more. What makes Accents special is that they are open until 11:00pm six nights a week. I think this is fantastic because it provides a perfect place to study or socialise during times that most other cafes would be closed.

Also, apparently they have the best hot chocolate in Dublin, which was unsurprising to me! I watched as other people ordered customisable hot chocolates and was very impressed.

With all things considered, I would HIGHLY recommend stopping by Accents if you're looking for a cosy atmosphere and a tasty selection of coffee.

Following our perfect coffees, we continued to venture around town. It was a perfectly crisp fall day and I loved seeing all the fall fashion and smiling city-goers. As usual, I took our excursion to capture some shots of Dublin city, since that's my secondary aim of this Cafe Corner series anyways.

Dublin is special in the way that it's innate creativity is always out for display throughout the city Whether it's the street are, or creative business signs, it's all so clever and colourful.

Town was bustling and the sun was shining. Everyone seemed at ease despite knowing that Hurricane Ophelia was coming our way! I wish I had the guts to venture into the city tomorrow to capture what's going on as the biggest rainy storm in Irish history swirls its way through Dublin. Will town be deserted? OR will it be filled with risk takers braving the high winds?

Just before the beautiful Abbey Court on the quays, I snapped a picture of this curious street art. I think it's depicting Pope Francis in what was a REPEAL sweatshirt that has no been covered up. Since Dublin is such a creative hub blossoming with street art, it is not unusual to see message of protest and political unrest in this form.

For anyone who loves to explore urban art, pick up a PERFECT coffee at Accents and enjoy a stroll around town; keeping an eye out for the creative and powerful street art on both sides of the river.

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