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A Holiday Wish List for the Psychology Fiend In Your Life

As a psych student myself, I thought it would be neat to do a holiday wish list tailored to the psychology person in your life. All of these items are things that I myself would love to have, hence why I'm making this list.

With the holidays right around the corner why not spoil the psychology guy or gal in your life? Instead of asking them whether they can read your mind, maybe ask them if they like anything on this list. Some of these items are obviously psychology-related while others are not as directly related.

And yes, I know it's a bit early to put up a holiday wish list. However, I'll forget to do it later when December rolls around and I start walking around with my spiked hot chocolate while spending way too much money on Christmas shopping, saying 'oh my god look at all the lights!!!' forty million times in a row every single weekend.

1. This Louis Theroux Pillowcase

Every psychology student or professional needs a good rest at the end of the day. Why not grant them with this pillowcase of good ol' Louis Theroux? His documentaries often bring to light the psychological complexities of the people featured in them. It can be found here for €11.28.

2. A Donut Baking Pan

You know who had a hole in his head? Phineas Gage. The dude you learn about in every single introduction to psychology class ever. You know what else has a hole in it? A super yummy homemade donut that makes you forget about the shitty ethics proposal you just submitted for your next study. Even assistant psychologists have their vices people...This baking pan can be found here for £8.79.

3. This Dress with a Subtle Pyramidal Cell on it

Pyramidal cells are a type of neuron cell (a type of cell found in the nervous system). These cells can be found in a few different areas of our brain, which is pretty neat! This dress pays a simple homage to these important cells and is a great gift for neuropsychology fans. It's also the colour white, which goes with most things and it's a flattering cut for any body type.

4. A Cake Piping Set

I know more than one psychology fiend who finds baking to be a great way to destress. What's not to like about making a cake? It's an opportunity to disconnect from screens, practice mindfulness, and use a different part of your brain as you decorate your bakes creatively. It can be found here for £7.99.

5. Suspicious Minds by Rob Brotherton

Another book about a psychologically complex population? It's a dream come true. Conspiracy theorists have long been regarded as weirdos or crazy by many. It would be interesting to read this book to gain a better understanding why some humans are so drawn to this stuff and assess how valid these points are from a psychology standpoint. There are many popular psychology books out there, and this one really stands out! It can be found online through a number of book retailers.

6. This QUIRKY AF dinosaur bag

Psychology is just as much a science as paleontology!!! Just saying!! Also apparently ASOS named this dinosaur Dexter which just adds to the charm. The bag can be found here for €24.32.

7. A Phrenology Inspired Watch

Phrenology was the old pseudoscience of measuring a persons skull to determine their mental faculties and personality. It was thought that different regions and shapes of the skull were responsible for different traits and behaviours. While we now know that the actual shape of our skull very rarely has anything to do with our brain functions or personality traits; phrenology is still important because it was a foundation for the actual science of neuropsychology. There is now overwhelming evidence that certain areas the brain (my favourite organ, obviously) are responsible for different functions.

Also, this watch is a fashionable little piece. It comes in two band colours (black or brown) with the option of have the Roman numerals on the face. It can be found here for €11.99.

8. The Skeleton Cupboard by Tanya Byron

This is another book that would likely be a great read. Clinical psychology is such a complex and intricate field. It's challenging, but rewarding as well. As someone who is interested in clinical psychology, this would probably be a beneficial read. It can be found online through a number of book retailers.

9. A Coat That Actually Looks Professional

Imagine, you walk into a big conference filled with scientists presenting groundbreaking research and for once you actually look like a young professional instead of a psychology student who ate four servings of instant noodles and a block of cheese the night before. Yeah, this coat will help you get there. A good coat pulls together any professional outfit you might have and it's better than wearing a too-short puffer jacket that makes your button-down shirt all staticky. This one can be found on ASOS here for €47.28.

10. A Succulent (or two...or three...) Every psychologist or student desk should have a plant in my opinion. They're just so pretty! In 2014, two longitudinal studies indicated that by adding greenery and plants to a workspace, quality of life in employees may be improved (Nieuwenhuis, Knight, Postmes, & Haslam, 2014). Plants are also nice to look at and add colour to wherever you're working from.

In Dublin, the charity Enable Ireland has a garden and gift store offering a variety of different houseplants for sale. Picking up a few succulents from there would be a great way to give back and also gift some greenery to the psychology fiend in your life. Enable Ireland provides services for both children and adults with disabilities. This includes services for new parents, assistive technology training, therapies, social supports and educational opportunities. The Facebook page for the store can be found here.

11. Grey Matter Bookends

If you walk into any psychology office, the first thing you will see is a vast number of books and shelf upon shelf of manuals and printed journal articles. These funky brain bookends are a perfect way to jazz up a bookshelf that may be looking a bit drab or need some sort of organisation.

They can be found here for £55.00.

If anyone has any other recommendations that would suit this list, let me know at the 'contact mckenzie' tab.

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