• Mckenzie Dow

Interview with 4 Seas 1 Family

Hi all! In case anyone is interested... I thought you might want to know about a recent interview I did with the 4 Seas 1 Family podcast. There I am (below) Skyping with James Thomas, the wonderful host of the show.

James' podcast is all about expat experiences. He's interested in hearing about how expats around the world adjust to their adopted hometowns and learn about the new cultures they dive into. I had a great time talking to James about what it's like being an expat in the current social/political climate, what surprised me most about Ireland, the challenges and successes I faced in the big move, and of course my teddy bear Fergus got a shout out!

If you're interested in tuning in to our chat, follow this link here.

I had never done an interview like this before, but I liked it a lot! I thought I was going to hate the sound of my voice when I listened to the interview, but it wasn't too torturous.

Thanks again to James Thomas at 4 Seas 1 Family for the wonderful opportunity to talk about my own experiences! If anyone ever has any questions about my own expat experience or are looking for advice, feel free to contact me at the 'Contact Mckenzie' tab.

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