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Spring - Summer Favourites 2018

It's been beautiful in Dublin the last few weeks and it's about time I share some of my spring (nearly summer) faves with you all. When the sun comes out, it's suddenly as if we can all wear colours again, enjoy new music while relaxing in the sun, and finally open the windows in our homes! It can be such a joyous time, especially here at Lady Mac Lifestyle. So, here are a few of my favourite spring things this season! This list ranges from pieces of clothing, to new music; all perfect for preparing for summer, embracing the spring vibes.

Revamp: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin

I am absolutely in love with this album that's just come out. I have long loved Elton John and I'm a sucker for a great cover by talented musical artists. This album contains covers of some of the best Elton songs by contemporary artists. My favourites from the album include Tiny Dancer covered by Florence + The Machine, I Guess Why They Call it the Blues covered by Alessia Cara and Lady Gaga's version of Your Song. This album is so perfect for strolling through town on a sunny day with that perfect cone of ice cream.

Those fancy pastel Stabilo highlighters

You know the ones...they come in gorgeous colours and can be spotted in oh so many stationary/bullet journal pictures on Instagram or Pinterest. My entire desk at UCD is somewhat themed around the colour millennial pink. It's a hot hot hot colour all over the place at the moment, and these high quality pastel highlighters are just what I need for my desk (especially since I'm down to just one orange, nearly dried-out highlighter at the moment). A pack of 6 pastel highlighters can be found on Amazon UK for £5.61 and on Amazon US for $10.37. You might also find them at your local stationary store too. I also love these because they have tiny swans on them!!

Grocery Store Flowers (not the song of similar title by Ed Sheeran, though the song is great too. )

Ever since Nick and I moved into together, I've been dedicated to having plants and fresh flowers in our apartment all the time. There's something so lovely about having them around and it makes you feel so adult-like. Well unfortunately, Nick has the opposite of a green thumb and our plants just keep dying the minute he tries to care for them. So, my next thing is to always have fresh flowers around. Now whenever I go to the grocery store, I pick up just a small bouquet of flowers when I can afford it. For some reason I always used to think that flowers were so expensive, but I'm constantly surprised at the affordability and quality of flowers you can pick up at Tesco, Supervalu, Lidl or Aldi. They live for quite a while and often come with the little packets of flower food. If you're looking to bring more colour and those adult vibes into your space, then don't underestimate the grocery store flowers!

The Coveted REPEAL Jumper

(Picture from

The referendum is getting closer and closer and did you know that the famous REPEAL jumpers are finally back?!?! Celebrate your passion for female bodily autonomy and human rights by ordering yours now. You could say they are quite on trend considering the current political climate and ongoing debate. They pair perfectly with a layered puffy vest, and some black skinnies, spring booties and a middle finger to the people holding up the grotesque/fear mongering sign in front of the maternity hospitals (where women may also receive care for miscarriages). Get yours at the Merch For Choice site. To learn more about the 8th Amendment here in Ireland, click here. I'll be wearing it long after the abortion referendum is all over, because it will be a piece of history after all...regardless of the outcome.


I don't know what's happened to me, but in the last few week all I crave is your standard cup of tea. It's funny, I despised tea before I moved to Ireland. I used to explain that to me it tasted like dirt. However, I find myself constantly indulging myself in a regular ol' cup of Barry's Tea (don't @ me Lyon's fans). I shouldn't be surprised, Ireland has the second most amount of tea drinkers in the whole world (see this article from If you're looking to embrace the tea life this spring, I suggest picking up some Barry's Tea, a to-go cup, a dash of milk, and maybe some sugar, then make your way to a big window to enjoy some fresh air and those rainy days that come with spring.

Radox Pink Grapefruit Body Wash

This body wash is meant for spring!! If you're the type of gal that picks up her body wash at the same place you go for grocery shopping, then this is the stuff for you. It's so bright and wakes you right up! The scent is also strong and I love the way the grapefruit aroma lingers even when my shower is over. It's even pink which is such a spring colour! This stuff is super affordable and it's amazing.

A New Cosy Throw Pillow

This round, furry throw pillow from Penneys (Primark) is my new favourite thing! I picked up two of them a few weeks ago and I am obsessed. I didn't even realise that it was possible to be obsessed with throw pillows until these ones. They're a neutral colour but bright enough to bring those sophisticated vibes into whatever room you place them in. I placed them on our bed and I can assure you that they are plenty soft and perfect for cosying up and watching movies. They pair perfectly with all sorts of textiles/patterns/colours. Spring is a time for cleaning things, sprucing up your spaces and reawakening to the world all around and adding something as simple as new throw pillows, or whatever homeware that tickles your fancy to your spaces can play a part in that reawakening.

A Perfectly Pink Cardigan

Since I purchased this cardigan from H&M a little while back, it has become a staple in my wardrobe. It's versatile and adds that extra layer you need during the transition between winter and summer. It's longer length is on trend and if you're not big on this cardi specifically, H&M has plenty more bright and colourful options to liven up your wardrobe.

That's all folks! My upcoming posts will include a post on a Food to Farm Tour, one about Dalkey (exploring the village, giving you all the deets on the best spots) as well as another one called Tourist for Day (where I revel in being a complete tourist when my mum visits for the very first time). You can catch my next favourites list this Autumn...

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