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5 Dublin Small Businesses YOU Should Know About


Located in Georges Street Arcade, as well as online, Maktus is a shop you should check out if you love quirky, fun and affordable things to spice up your life. They supply all sorts of awesome things, not limited to; sarcastic Pope Francis gear, super sassy socks, a 'grow your own bonsai tree' kit, plenty of Miggledy Higgins stuff and a variety of fun party games. A lot of the product is sourced from Dublin artists and makers which is awesome because supporting local creativity is so important! This store is an awesome place to find a kooky and unique gift for a loved one. I also think it's a great stop for tourists to bring home something a little different from our lovely city.


This is another stop for both tourists and locals alike. Located in Temple Bar, the Icon Factory is the perfect stop for picking up some affordable, high quality art prints or souvenirs that are better in quality and style than what you might find in Carroll's. Much of the artwork in here focuses on Irish icons, including Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Father Ted and his comrades from Craggy Island. Just last week I was leaving a meeting in the area, when a perfect digital print of the Dubliners caught my eye. I couldn't just leave it, so I brought a copy home as a surprise for Nick. They also facilitate an Icon Walk where you tour the art installation throughout Temple Bar and learn all about the amazing people who have made an impact in Ireland and beyond.

(photo credit goes to the Icon Factory)


I don't how, but I learned about Vintage Tea Tours a while back and I have been desperate to give them a go ever since. You are driven around Dublin in a vintage city bus for a lovely tour of the city, all while enjoying afternoon tea! The idea is classy, innovative and sounds like a blast. It would be a perfect way to kick off a bachelorette party, a ladies vacation, a birthday, or mothers day! The snacks look wicked tasty, it's such an Irish thing to do, and it's a splendidly unique way to explore our historic and beautiful city, even on a rainy day. Also, their blog is awesome and well worth a read! It's basically what I aspire Lady Mac to be...yay vintage tea tours!

(photo credit goes to Vintage Tea Tours)


Another cool "factory" for you to explore, filled with art and contemporary Irish design. They also have an online store and it can be sorted by themes, which makes it really easy to find a gift for someone! There are some gorgeous 1916 modern prints available, items related to the different counties, a ton of prints from Tara O'Brien, and plenty of neat coasters, mini planters, knick knacks and tea towels. They are also located in Temple Bar, which is convenient for tourists too! All the pieces at this place do a beautiful job capturing the artistic history of Ireland, but also the contemporary creativity that still flows through the country.

5. The R.A.G.E

Nick and I stumbled upon this place AGES ago, and naturally he left with a new Mastadon vinyl for our record player. The selection is massive and on par with the current prices for vinyl at the minute. They also have a huge selection of a lot of those old school games you may have forgotten about. Retro consoles are also available. It's awesome, it's fun, and it has a wide selection for every music snob or gamer in your life. Even better, something about the name of the place just makes you feel 80's cool while shopping inside which is a cheesy additional benefit of stopping by.

(photo credit goes to TN2 Magazine)

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