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Cafe Corner is BACK!

Hello readers and (probably) coffee enthusiasts! It's been a long time since I've posted with a Cafe Corner experience, or post anything at all! I'm just here to say that I'm hoping to change that. It's year three of my PhD programme and I am losing my brain. It's stressful and maddening. Now that I am truly in the thick of it, it is EXTRA important that I take the time to step back from my work, practice being in the moment and do something nice for myself every once in a while. With that, a small change has to happen to make it work. Mocha's are OUT. Turns out, my lovely, delicious, chocolatey coffees are perhaps taking a toll on my tummy. I will be writing another post about those belly issues later, but for the time being mochas are out. The skimmed milk (?) in some of the hot chocolate powders doesn't sit well. This means Cafe Corner is going to be reinvented with Caramel Lattes! This is my new go-to coffee and I usually order one once per week (I make them at home on the other days). When I order it, I usually get it with oat milk, and I will try to do this as consistently as possible. However, not all baristas have oat milk behind their counters.

Anyways, to kick off this "re-brand" of sorts, I've ordered the most recent Irish Coffee Guide and will use this to start inspiring my posts! This guide is from the people at Independent Coffee Guide. There are books for Scotland, other parts of England and Ireland; each of them full of information about coffee places. I'm really looking forward to perusing the Dublin pages and keeping an eye out for other notable cafes around the island.

As soon as this comes in the mail, I will be back at it! I'm so excited to take the time to explore Dublin through the lens of my KeepCup. My favourite thing about my Cafe Corner adventures is going to the little corners of Dublin I wouldn't otherwise stumble upon. If anyone has any suggestions for where I should go next, please send them on to me!

Be back soon!

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