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Living in Dublin is a blessing and a curse. The curses are the housing and homelessness crisis, the destruction of culture by property developers and hotel tycoons, and of course the ever-increasing traffic. The blessing, however, is the coffee. Dublin is so rich in opportunity for cafes. As soon as I tick off one coffee place from my list, another one gets added. The list is beautifully endless! One place that has been on my list for ages is LEGIT COFFEE CO. This place is mentioned in the back of the Indy Coffee Guide, but not heavily featured. Located in Phibsboro, I have passed LEGIT COFFEE CO. several times on the bright days where I take the 155 bus five stops away from Temple Street and walk backwards to get some extra steps in my day.

My first impression upon walking in is that this place is a good stop for getting some work done and is good for people watching. It is huge with ample seating! The barista was really friendly too. She worked quickly and kindly. The aesthetic here is very neutral with a lot of greenery going on. The floors are cement. There are plenty of high top tables with stools to do some work alone, but there are also regular tables for coffee dates too. There was a good selection of sweet treats to have with your coffee and everything was straight forward. The pace of life inside was not overwhelmingly busy but had a consistent flow of customers. It was quiet enough too, so you could definitely get your work done here. The lighting is great, and the music playing throughout reminded me of the kind of music you go on Youtube just to have on in the background while you work. There were plenty of outlets along one of the walls with high top chairs and a long table, so you could plug in your computer if you needed to.

I ordered a caramel latte and was instructed to find a place to hang out. No one seemed to mind when I pulled my computer and piles of paper out of my bag to some work on my qualitative study. The coffee would come to me! My caramel latte with oat milk was made very quickly. The minute it was brought to my table I could SMELL it. And it smelled amazing. It was a sweet aroma wafting my way and made me excited to drink the coffee.

One thing that was confusing is that they had a brunch menu in front of the till, but having peeked at their website just now I think they literally just stopped serving brunch at this location. This is such a shame because I actually think that the overnight oats with almond milk could have been FODMAP friendly!! Finally!! Fortunately, they do have a second location so you could always go to the LEGIT COFFEE CO. located in The Liberties to find out. Regardless, the croissants and muffins and all the sweet treats looked amazing and I would love to give them a try if I could.

Very quickly I realised my caramel latte was super strong in terms of caffeine content. Or at least I think it was??? I had not even finished it yet and I could feel it buzzing through my veins and it affected my stomach speedily (not a bad effect, just a quick one). My best friend Lauren loves her coffee strong and I definitely think she would have liked this one. For hours after having my latte, I was still buzzing. I mean BUZZING. I ordinarily do not have such a strong response to coffee so this was interesting for me and a sweet reminder that caffeine is the only vice I need at the minute.

TEXTURE – This caramel latte had the kind of texture I like. It was the typical texture you think of from your average latte. The foam was present at the top and underneath it was smooth and not too watery. There was also none of that slick mouth-feel (thank you to the character Charles Boyle of Brooklynn 99 for introducing that phrase to me) after taking a few sips. However, it was slightly too bubbly for my liking. My score for texture is 3/5.

TASTE – I am not sure about the taste on this one. The coffee profile was very strong, and I wasn’t getting much caramel at all, despite how sweet it smelled. It didn't taste bad. People who prefer lattes sin caramel would probably find this one just fine, but I’ve had better. It also had a strong aftertaste that lasted a while, but could easily be swept away with water. Overall, it was average. It didn't wow me, but it wasn't bad either. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get as much of that caramel flavour as I would have liked. My score for taste is 2.5/5.

FOAM – Hello foam!! The foam was present enough for it to stick to my little teaspoon after swirling it around. This isn't necessarily my preference, but to me, it is not a huge deal. Also, the foam didn’t mix well into the rest of the coffee. As I reached the bottom of my cup, it was all foam and no coffee, which I am not a fan of. The foam was also bubblier than I think it should be. Looking online, this may be because the milk wasn't heated enough. I don't think the foam in this coffee elevated the texture. Again, it was average. My score for foam is 2.5/5.

PRICE – €3.70. Now, this is what I am talking about! This is the price I would expect for a caramel latte with oat milk in a time where more and more people choose to not consume dairy. I cannot complain about the price. 4/5. To me, this is middle of the road cost for a latte like this. Also, the latte was a decent size! No skimping here.

ATMOSPHERE – This place was down to earth in its vibe, which I liked. It’s straight to the point, welcoming to a variety of people, and the barista was so lovely and friendly. I loved the aesthetic too and it was just so calm in here which I appreciate. Sometimes I can get a bit of anxiety in cafes when there's a lot going on or I have never been in before, but I did not experience that at all in LEGIT COFFEE CO. The weekends are probably much busier than a Wednesday morning, but still, it just seems so chill in here. The whole place is a really great addition to the Phibsboro area. 5/5

Things I didn't like about LEGIT COFFEE CO. is really not much. This place is legit. I do think the coffee could be somewhat improved, but my caramel latte was fine. If I had any complaint it would be that it didn't come out very hot and got cold really quickly. When it landed on the high top table it was closer to warm than hot and I sucked it down very fast because of that. This criticism might just be a reflection of my lack of appreciation as to what the temperature of a latte is "supposed to be" when it is served. Multiple sources from the internet say that whole milk in a cappuccino or latte should be heated to 65˚ before being served. However, I usually get my lattes with oat milk, so this rule of thumb could be different. I will continue to do research on this. Things I liked include the atmosphere, and also the automatic offering of water at the table! It was such a nice touch! This place was just so down-to-earth and the vibe set my day on a really good track. In my previous post from 3fe, I described how I couldn't decide whether the vibe in there was welcoming or slightly offputting. Here at LEGIT COFFEE CO. there was none of that confusion. I also liked how they have a place to hang your coats on the wall! That's appreciated during these winter months and added to the welcoming vibe. Another thing I liked was the size! It was so roomy in here and even on a busy day I can't see it getting uncomfortably squishy.

My total score for LEGIT COFFEE CO. is 17/25 or 68%. So it's a pretty typical coffee shop, but lovely nonetheless.

Overall, I liked this my morning at LEGIT COFFEE CO. I stayed long enough to write this review, have my latte and drink two glasses of water before running off to Temple Street. However, if I didn’t have any other obligations, I could have happily stayed here all day. This place is a really good example of how going out to get a coffee isn't necessarily all about the coffee in itself. There is something really special about being able to kick back, have a nice coffee and enjoy a mindful moment in a relaxed environment. It wasn't the best caramel latte I've had (it wasn't bad though) but the atmosphere made up for that. I am really curious as to how LEGIT COFFEE CO. compares to the other nearby coffee places, and how it fits into the community. Up the road is another well-known cafe and there are others just a short walk away...

Would I recommend LEGIT COFFEE CO. to a friend? Yes, I would. On a nice day, I think this would be a great place to grab a coffee then go for a stroll through Phibsboro.

Now my I swear on it this time; my next post will definitely be coming from Clement and Pekoe on Leeson Street. I still need to see what the story is with them after stumbling onto those recent Google reviews...

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